Chinese Chess

China as soon as the sun rises, it is possible to see on the sidewalks or in parks, often older players face to face in the process of challenge to one of the board games among the most strategic and former the world, Xiangqi or Chinese chess.

Chinese chess set pieces (or, in Chinese, xian...

Chinese chess set pieces (or, in Chinese, xiangqi 象棋 set pieces), from the Song Dynasty (960-1279 AD) period of medieval China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This game is played with 16 pieces per player are placed on the intersections of the lines. Both sides are red and black. A river, which also restricts the movement of certain parts allowed, between the two camps on the plateau where also included the position of each palace is cut or the Emperor and his guard.

Xiangqi Program

Xiangqi Program (Photo credit: moontan)

It can be observed throughout China these unusual duels in the streets and parks, making for us foreigners, exciting phenomenon, as well as practitioners of Tai Chi. In fact the Chinese are gamblers and they can stay on their parts chess for hours.

Do not hesitate to go see them play, you may be surprised! They may even offer you a small part while teaching you the rules.


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