Subway in Shanghai

Those who have never taken public transport during rush hour in Shanghai, have not really tested the phenomenon of tin of sardines.

The concept is simple, succeed to cram as many people in a minimum of space (sardines is you and the box, rowing, it lacks the oil). Despite the large subway trains or the number of buses (between 7am and 9am in the morning and 16:30 to 18:30) is best to avoid public transport (especially the subway line 1).

Shanghai Panorama

Shanghai Panorama (Photo credit: wZa HK)

Every morning my beautiful well-ironed shirt ends up in a poor condition (and I can not tell you the rings), again avoid the line 1 (the air conditioning is almost nonexistent). It shakes, shakes it and … it shakes. I often find myself stuck between the octogenarian it is important not to rush (and more always finds a way to steal the last seat), all the ladies cute it is important not to touch workers who bring all their paraphernalia, the employee despite a cold horse still goes to work (and the way you sneeze above all along the way). Brief avoid peak hours. And even at those times, a taxi is a miracle.

Despite this, the Metro is my favorite place for you to write my articles (I still have my PDA on hand). Indeed, being in transport is the best place to get new ideas (this is a permanent show of Chinese), be aware of the latest trends, and enjoy a few minutes to keep abreast of news (there all full of small TVs in trains and even on the docks).

The street is located in the Zhabei district o...

The street is located in the Zhabei district of Shanghai, near the “Circus World” ; Subway station of line 1 on National Days. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Regularly taking the subway we end soon to know the style of the users of a particular line.
Line 1 (north-south) travelers rather popular, it grows enormously, this is the line that I think suffers most from the phenomenon of the sardine box.

Line 2 (east-west) is the line posh (posh) par excellence, everything is fine, even its users. It crosses Shanghai through the beautiful neighborhoods and the business district. It also has a correspondence with the Maglev (super fast train that takes you directly to the airport)

A meglev train is coming out of the Pudong Int...

A meglev train is coming out of the Pudong International Airport. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Line 3 (north-south) line popular, but much less wild than line 1

Line 4 (peripheral line): This line is fairly recent, there is some diversity among users. This is a nice line, but since it runs against the edge of the city, must be vigilant enough when the cavity, because it is wrong direction easily.

There are other lines in Shanghai, but since they are more remote, I do not print. To you to discover if you ever get the chance.


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