Duty in china

The most discerning traveler will have all asked the question at the time of customs clearance. Choose the file “nothing to declare” or not?

A reminder: in most cases, passengers who buy duty-free goods within the confines of the airport (200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 4 liters of wine and 1 liter of beverages containing more than 22 °), which have less than 10 000 euros in cash and the total value of purchases made abroad does not exceed 430 euros have nothing to declare.

In theory, any traveler, even if it meets the criteria mentioned above must go through customs and declare. In theory only, as few do. So these are customs that perform a filter and locate 5 to 10% of the flights. If you checked and you lie, you will be accused of fraud. Therefore caution.

You must also be in possession of bills when your purchase is above 430 euros. The rule also applies to gifts. Otherwise, you must pay taxes.

Regarding cash, the exemption granted by “community of interest” is 10 000 euros. This means that it is not 10 000 euros per person …

The declared goods are subject to customs duties (0% on a laptop, 4.5% for shows, 14% for TV …) and VAT (19.6%).

Aiga customs

Aiga customs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case of concealment or falsehood, we must pay duties and taxes, as well as a fine. According to Article 414 of the Customs Code, it may be twice the value of property offending.

That you can not bring in the territory: narcotics and counterfeit, meat, protected animals, works of art, antiques, some plants, etc..


Shopping Time in Hong kong

Discover Hong Kong, a true shopper’s paradise. You will not know what to choose in conditioned space and a pleasant 7 days 7, regardless of the time. Enjoy shopping trends, shopping malls and luxury shops with prices ultra attractive.
Whether you are looking for the latest creations of western fashion, electronic and optical products or souvenirs typical Chinese, you will find what you want in Hong Kong.

Fashion & Beauty – Hong Kong has a reputation for being a shopper’s paradise. Those who love fashion and beauty products find their happiness here, designer clothes, cosmetics, makeup or care.

English: Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok,...

English: Sai Yeung Choi Street South, Mongkok, Hong Kong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Jewelry & Watches – You will easily find jewelery and watches in Hong Kong, you want to buy diamonds, pearls, jade or gold. You will spot easily shops that have a good reputation.

Electronics – Hong Kong is the perfect place for lovers of electronic products: mobile phones, DVD players, audio and video equipment, iPod, PDAs, digital cameras, MP3 players are sold without taxes. Fierce competition ensures low prices.

Chinese traditional handicrafts – The civilization of ancient China is rich in traditions and celebrations associated with arts and crafts. Look for products traditional Chinese clothing, food tonics, dried seafood, tea, jewelry, crafts and dishes.

Furniture and home furnishings – furniture Chinese are renowned worldwide for their beauty and ingenious design. The major international brands of furniture are also shown to meet modern tastes.

English: Full view of Kowloon and Hong Kong

English: Full view of Kowloon and Hong Kong (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Music – classical, rock, pop, opera, traditional Chinese opera and traditional music, Hong Kong has it all.

Optical – In Hong Kong, you can check your order and buy stylish frames prices. Hong Kong opticians glasses make you overnight.


Kyoto Happy time

This is our last full day in Kyoto, we must therefore magner to visit maximum places and back to Shanghai with images in their eyes.

English: Panorama of the Golden Temple at Amri...

English: Panorama of the Golden Temple at Amritsar. Also known as Harmandir Sahib or Darbar Sahib. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The first morning tour is the palace of silver once again the owner had recommended. We had a few words about this gibberish temple we did pretend to have understood. Bein might have done better to really understand, because after paying our entrance is noticing that the famous temple was still under renovation. Fortunately for us, we were able to visit the garden around the building (even more beautiful than the Golden Temple).
Then we walk around that are surrounded by a beautiful forest and stream. We ascend it for more than half an hour which brings us to the door of yet another temple (prevents the door is really nice). We continue our momentum and visit the neighborhood and there, as if by magic, we stumbled upon the remains of a Roman viaduct (but what could it fuck that??). Well, we begin to have flush cap temples and feudal life, it is time to return to modern life. We decide to return to the city center.

English: The Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) a...

English: The Golden Temple (Harmandir Sahib) at night. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Having swallowed a hamburger rice (yes you read right, the bread is replaced by rice) rather original, we leave to hunt geishas. Lucky this time is with us, we perceive a full photo shoot (surely postcards or something like that). Our presence seems to bother her, so we stop the strafing of our cameras. We continue our walk a little further in the area and this time we are back on a Geisha in a park. This is good, she agrees to take some pictures with us. Thank you madam!

Pleased with our picture, we retrace our steps to the mall, and the passage we meet a granny trying to walk his pet: a fat pig full of hair. She hung out more than it walked. Incredible but true. We then come to the gallery, it turns out it was much bigger than we imagined. So big that got lost repeatedly. Whenever we désorientons we find new facets of this gallery with a certain number of beautiful contemporary homes.
Moreover, the fish market is by itself a wing of the gallery. There are all sorts of species, most were unknown to me, and in any case I would not have tasted (some were just too space).


Visit Kyoto

This morning we manage to wake up at 7am as we militarily was fixed. Last night before going to bed, the owner gave us a map and we are shown the main places to visit.
So this morning, towards the Golden Temple which as its name suggests is covered with gold. The visit fee (500 yen). The building is just beautiful, traditional covered with gold leaf, very simple but with quality details and finishes leaves us speechless. The temple rests on the water and is surrounded by a garden that extends over the surrounding hills (the top one has a great view of Kyoto). After half an hour we realize that the visit is already over. It’s awfully expensive half-hour. We knew we would have stayed much longer contemplate the temple. This is not serious unless it is informed now.
The next visit is not far from the site, it must still take a bus to go there is another temple. It also pays, more must remove their shoes to enter, and it was really warm. Circulations are outside but covered and very few parts are accessible to the public.

Buildings are particularly beautiful and very sober in the purest Japanese tradition. The gardens surrounding the temple are beautiful and soothing you almost forget just a few meters of modern life continues. This time the visit lasts more than half an hour, we got our loot and toes could no longer. What a pleasure to find his shoes. This is followed immediately by visiting a religious site in a large park with a number of hotels and temples.

Already our legs are flat so you can visit this site quite summarily. And when you saw the temple, you see almost all of the following. We decide to make us to our next step: the bamboo forest that the owner of the hostel we had highly recommended. For this we must take a bus. Along the way we see bands of small houses, and suddenly the landscape changes dramatically with tens of thousands bamboo.



bamboo (Photo credit: Mahmud Farooque)


I had never seen so much bamboo, bamboo is not a tree, very thick, yet the forest seemed to us extremely dense. Bamboos were so many ups and, you would have thought in a haystack. Even the sky was difficult to see. This is great.