Duty in china

The most discerning traveler will have all asked the question at the time of customs clearance. Choose the file “nothing to declare” or not?

A reminder: in most cases, passengers who buy duty-free goods within the confines of the airport (200 cigarettes or 50 cigars, 4 liters of wine and 1 liter of beverages containing more than 22 °), which have less than 10 000 euros in cash and the total value of purchases made abroad does not exceed 430 euros have nothing to declare.

In theory, any traveler, even if it meets the criteria mentioned above must go through customs and declare. In theory only, as few do. So these are customs that perform a filter and locate 5 to 10% of the flights. If you checked and you lie, you will be accused of fraud. Therefore caution.

You must also be in possession of bills when your purchase is above 430 euros. The rule also applies to gifts. Otherwise, you must pay taxes.

Regarding cash, the exemption granted by “community of interest” is 10 000 euros. This means that it is not 10 000 euros per person …

The declared goods are subject to customs duties (0% on a laptop, 4.5% for shows, 14% for TV …) and VAT (19.6%).

Aiga customs

Aiga customs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In case of concealment or falsehood, we must pay duties and taxes, as well as a fine. According to Article 414 of the Customs Code, it may be twice the value of property offending.

That you can not bring in the territory: narcotics and counterfeit, meat, protected animals, works of art, antiques, some plants, etc..



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