Trip in seoul

As I have written recently, I took a holiday, which fell after a weekend on my way to visit South Korea and Seoul. We had the choice between three cities HK, Singapore and Taipei. The first we knew (as all Laowais who are constantly leaving the country and rebuild their visa) and the other two have dramatically slowed when we saw the exorbitant price of tickets (not serious Singap it’ll be a next time).

Seoul City Core from N-Seoul Tower

Seoul City Core from N-Seoul Tower (Photo credit: InSapphoWeTrust)

The choice is ultimately focused on Seoul which was much less expensive (it was already bled portfolio in Japan, it’s time to put the butter in the spinach).

As usual this is all excited that we went to the airport (Hongqiao). And two hours later we’ve arrived in Seoul (note the Korean Airlines flight was nickel chrome, a small flat hostesses had a little trouble with the language of Shakespeare).

First thing upon arriving at the airport in Seoul, was opened metro map, then we realized how the city was immense. It is spread over dozens and dozens of kilometers (the names of neighborhoods and metro stations are unpronounceable for the common man).


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