Trip in Seoul 2 asia

Brief towards our hostel is located at the station Hongik University. It will almost three quarters of an hour to find as well as in Tokyo, the streets do not names (it was 22h and we were a little death). After removing the little luggage we had, we were doing a tour of the neighborhood. Well bein there, nice surprise, our neighborhood is filled with coffee, restaurants (all the more attractive as each other) and KTV clubs and clothing stores (imagine the Shanghai Hengshan read more Wanchai district to HK, mix the two and multiply by ten and you get the excitement of Hongik University. The area is very popular, many pretty girls dressed shortly, groups of guys and we wish to fashions (in the middle of this human tide, filming and photographing the show). It was really amazing.

English: text of Hongik University 한국어: 홍익대학교 로고

English: text of Hongik University 한국어: 홍익대학교 로고 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The next day we headed straight to the area of ​​the temples, there we arrived at the changing of the guard (quite a din colorful), please visit the first temple, the second temple so on. Little disappointed in the temples themselves are beautiful but the gardens are mostly just poor little (grass is yellow, nothing grows there and it is sorely lacking in vegetation). At the end of yet another temple we decided to go to one of the last unspoilt villages with these atypical wooden houses. Well bein there we got our legs Seoul it goes up and down. The whole town was built around the hills. The reason why we have assembled and after more than an hour’s visit we will declare package (elevation kills too fun).

한국어: 홍익대학교 정문

한국어: 홍익대학교 정문 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

After this showdown, we decided to stop seeing dusty buildings and return to modern life.
We’re coming to one of the future areas in vogue at the moment where a few commercial buildings are installed but most are either being renovated or under construction. Not far away there are still some remains of the ancient wall of the city, and in the same place, the city built a city park and a museum of design (by architect Zaha Hadid). We enjoy the area to enjoy two very good hot chocolate in a brewery.


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