Trip in Seoul the end

After this whirlwind tour we head to the theaters and cabarets. Until then throughout our day, we stayed on our hunger given the low number of contemporary buildings encountered. The balance would be restored quickly by visiting the Korean Broadway (that’s why we nicknamed the neighborhood). First, it is crowded with people, it moves everywhere. Artists improvise music in the street, people riot to listen to the stars for a night. This makes us realize that we have never seen artists in the streets of Shanghai, or even improvised performance (long live communism …). The area is really nice, it is organized into two zones (the western part consists essentially of theaters and the eastern part is a more commercial area) separated by a large artery.

English: A TV tower somewhere in China

English: A TV tower somewhere in China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The night begins to fall and we decided to go see the panorama of the city from the TV tower. But to get there we still have to climb a hill sacred for more than half an hour to reach … only the cable car station, which took us to the base of the tower. However, since the base of the tower the view is beautiful, you can really see the city and take the opportunity to dine at the top.


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