Business in china

Third part: after a few hours you sink into your chair and pretend to take notes, your rich client invites you to the famous business dinner. So here, for sensitive stomachs prepare your belly. The big boss brings you all in a “luxurious” Chinese restaurant (you can not refuse, it’s tradition). On-site boss was facing the door around the big round table and his deputy is the most expensive place either to the right or to the left (it depends on the regions of China, unfortunately during my first dinner I sat in the place of boss … oops!).

A region map of the People's Republic of China...

A region map of the People’s Republic of China and the Republic of China. See List of regions of China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The other guests take the remaining places. It follows a parade of dishes all as special as each other (when you look at the whole table is a carnival of color). Unfortunately your host only choose dishes that suit him (anyway it was he who pays), but you will not necessarily appetite. And for dinner you will make thousands gambeis (very codified, only the first big boss customer can make a Gambei with whom he wishes and then in the evening after many glasses you drink in the right all directions). The game is to make the opponent drunk one night. I am not “fanalcoolique” (oh oh nice word) but I recognize that I can drink alcohol like water (the Chinese are quite surprised to drink with me because I rarely shows signs of intoxication).

Dinner closes, everyone is drunk and you see that it is barely 19:30 (yes it is stuffing the mouth early in China). Once you are ready to return to the hotel to finally know peace by saying that tomorrow everything will be just a bad memory. Unfortunately the customer has enjoyed your company and wish that you stay one more day so that shows you what I do not know shit. Here, a murderous look, you stare your boss insisting, and the only answer he found to say is a big “yes.”

Thank you chef to forget that I have a private life outside of work. These are the joys of business trip.


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