From Beijing Airport

Airport (Beijing Capital International Airport)
Beijing is the hub for air transport in China: 84 national and 54 international destinations.
The airport is located 27km to the east of Beijing.

English: Beijing Capital International Airport...

English: Beijing Capital International Airport 中文: T3航站楼机场快轨站 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The airport already completely renovated in 1999, has grown from two new wings in April 2008.

A fast train connects the airport, the metro station and bus from Dongzhimen.
The line is the means of transport most effective way to reach the city center.

The most practical alternative to regain the center from the airport is to take a taxi (40 minutes).
The race will cost between 70 and 90 yuan depending on the destination and the type of vehicle (1.60 or 2 yuan per kilometer). There also are 10 yuan toll more.

The queue of taxis just outside the door of the international and national output (the former are generally faster). It is better to avoid taxis who solicit the arrival hall: most of them refuse to use the meter, and the race is likely to be much more expensive than it should.

English: Lobby of Terminal 3 of Beijing Capita...

English: Lobby of Terminal 3 of Beijing Capital International Airport 中文: 機場大廳 – 3号航站楼 – 北京首都国际机场 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A more economical option is to take buses from the city center from the airport. Five lines are proposed routes are indicated at the counter which is initially the bus before the domestic arrivals.
Transport costing 16 yuan, but the buses usually leave once full, making the waiting time very uncertain.

Airport taxes, which should be paid separately in the past, are now included in the ticket price.


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