Liaoning china

Liaoning is a land of contrasts. Fortified cities of the Ming dynasty alongside resorts booming, an imperial palace stands in the center of Shenyang, the bustling provincial capital, and the unknown sections of the great wall along the border of North Korea, the country most reclusive world.

An SVG map of China with Liaoning province hig...

An SVG map of China with Liaoning province highlighted Legend: Image:China map legend.png (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

History and hedonism are associated in this corner of China relatively little visited, we once called Manchuria.

Sun lovers will enjoy the beaches Dalian or majestic buildings from the early XXth century testify to the colonial past of the region. In the evening, the shady streets come alive as people flock to the fish restaurants, bars and clubs. Still unknown, Xingcheng, one of the last four Chinese cities have retained all of its ramparts Ming is also possible by sunbathing and culture.

English: The east gate of Xingcheng's old town.

English: The east gate of Xingcheng’s old town. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

In Shenyang, the Qing imperial palace, the local version of the Forbidden City, Liaoning recalls that played a key role in the country’s history. The city, which is trying to overcome its recent industrial past, has modern museums, ancient tombs, parks and a beautiful botanical garden.

North Korea’s borders largely Liaoning. A Dandong, visitors can enjoy the pleasant mixture of Chinese and Korean cultures and discover the surroundings, the easternmost section of the Great Wall, is still preserved for tourists.

North Korea

North Korea (Photo credit: Shinsuke JJ Ikegame)

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