Shanghai Museum

Excellent audio guide in English / Chinese. Shanghai Museum was founded in 1952, in the gallery of the old racetrack concession international collections were then installed in the Art Deco building in red brick facing, at the corner of Henan Lu and Yan’an Dong read before being transferred in this building.


DSC_0164 (Photo credit: Formosa Wandering)

The building, funded in part by donations from overseas Chinese, includes eleven galleries of permanent exhibits, organized on four floors. Structure evokes ding tripod bronze dating from Late Antiquity. It was used to cook food. The museum houses one of the largest collections of Chinese artifacts in the world, rivaling the Taiwan Museum in Taipei. It is by far the best in the country.

On the first floor gallery of ancient bronzes, has one of the finest collections of objects in the world, exposing the rarest pieces: some of the Xia Dynasty (XXI – sixteenth century BC) Such dishes and weapons. gallery of ancient sculptures, on the same floor, this beautiful pottery and bronze sculptures.

Chinese art from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD)...

Chinese art from the Tang Dynasty (618-907 AD), an example of art that survived the Four Olds destruction (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The second stage brings together ceramics from the Neolithic period to the Qing dynasty. We see beautiful pieces from the Tang Dynasty, ceramic glazed Sancai the three colors, as well as the famous blue and white Ming porcelain. The third floor is dedicated to Chinese prints, reflections of the Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing finally. A room together seals jade, ivory, amber and crystal used to affix his signature on letters and contracts.

The room shows the evolution of calligraphy writing, since the oracle inscriptions on tortoise shells, deciphered by oracles, manuscripts developed in the Qing Dynasty. Other rooms are dedicated to the 56 minorities living in China. Admire masks and clothing, while learning the customs of each ethnic group. Adjacent rooms deal with the evolution of numismatics.


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