Short visit of Xi’an terracotta army

Appointment before visiting the pits in the first room. Two beautiful bronze chariots drawn by horses were found in 1980 in a wooden sarcophagus. Their scale is half the size. The reins are in gold and silver (the Chinese had passed masters of metallurgy). These models represent a real tank tank says “comfort” and a chariot “high” for large turned inspection vast kingdom. On a technicality unheard, the tank had hot water comfort inside and a cold water system for cooling during periods of high heat, so air conditioning in all. The tank had a high weather protection canopy whose opening and closing are commanded by a small lever. They are exhibited in the museum on site.

You can see photographs showing the tank was literally found in “thousand pieces” and it took a very long and thorough archaeologists to reconstruct the full. It explains through photography discovered this fabulous site.
Many art lovers would love to have even one of these soldiers. A Hong Kong billionaire has offered to buy a billion yuan over a soldier. The Chinese government has declined.


Chariot (Photo credit: Shiva Shenoy)

Pit No. 1
The first excavation, the largest in size, is now protected by a structure. It is 210 m from east to west and 60 meters from north to south. It contains 6000 warriors, armored, deployed in battle formation according to the most perfect military strategy of the time, reinforced tanks pulled by horses (chariots bais have disappeared). The first row is formed by the general counsel and then follow the four categories of soldiers, horsemen, simple infantry, crossbowmen putting one knee to bend their bow, and charioteers. The whole is divided into 11 galleries and 38 columns. The warriors were equipped with 10,000 real weapons (now exposed separately). Steel arrows had been a sort of protective plating that makes spikes come down to us, no rust, still sharp.


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