The walls of Xi’an

Xi’an was the capital of China for over a thousand years, but its influence does not stop with Tang. During the Ming Dynasty, the first emperor sends his son to govern Xi’an. He built a new city on the ruins of Chang’an, surrounds a wall guarded by 164 towers and closed by four monumental gates.


Xi’an (Photo credit: Grumbler %-|)

He also built the impressive towers of the Bell and Drum. Both have recently been restored.

Once in all Chinese cities, there was a bell tower and a drum tower. Xi’an those are probably the best preserved in all of China. Tower bell rang the opening of the gates in the morning, and the drum tower closing them in the evening. In addition to the high walls of enclosure (12 m and a width of 12 to 14 m), the town was also divided into neighborhoods walled with doors that were closed at night.
The walls of the city can be visited. They are remarkably well preserved and can have a nice overview of the city inside the enclosure. It is best to take a walk to the south gate to the east gate of the fortification.

Montage of various Xi'an images

Montage of various Xi’an images (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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