Guangzhou food

Cantonese cuisine was influenced by brilliant chefs who had to flee the imperial court in 1644, when the Ming Dynasty was overthrown. The fishing industry has developed on the coast. The Cantonese word fish, whose pronunciation similar to the word “prosperity” that the fish has a place of choice on the table Cantonese.
For Cantonese, the freshness of the product premium.

cantonese foodCooking with steam fish and dim sum (Chinese brunch consists of small pasta served in a steaming bamboo baskets) preserves the taste of food and is famous Cantonese cuisine. It is also the kitchen less spicy. Canton of emigration has long since been spread around the world an image of Chinese cuisine.

Among the most famous dishes figure prominently rice Cantonese and shark fin soup.

cantonese foodCantonese cuisine boasts dishes as “exotic” dog, snake and turtle. Cages and terrariums filled with nice little beasts are not to look pretty, but for the customer to choose up the contents of his plate


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