Chinese way of transportation

Although China HAS Become the Largest second economy, a developing country Remains.
This development Proves here every day, gold is still very present unusual and so amazing.

This is the case for the transportation sector is a broad change in China, Where the movement of raw materials and products in general are very common. There are moyen de transport out of the ordinary for a stranger and take us back to very remote times.

u=3526956711,2688447381&fm=23&gp=0The photo below shows how the Chinese are against Especially inventive and able of anything.

In France a maxim says “impossible is not French,” but here in China They Have Adapted this maxim “nothing is impossible”, and this is indeed true, as you can see sometimes in Chinese streets.

You can see piles unusual object on a wide variety of bicycles, cardboard or polystyrene Such as, chairs, gas cylinders or long pipes, goal aussi animals.

It is clear That is not nothing in China!


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