Fashion in China

In fashion, China would like to stand out … But where exactly are our friends the Chinese? I will speak of Shanghai and Beijing, because they are the two centers of fashion and they are the most opposed. In Shanghai, luxury shopping malls are legion, it becomes even maddening, ridiculous seeing as they are, for the most part, empty.

English: Alexander Wang at the 2009 Victoria's...

English: Alexander Wang at the 2009 Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Except on weekends. The Shanghaiennes are fond of luxury Western (ie a little thanks to them that Vuitton has just fart all the scores in the luxury sector and, in times of crisis …). In Beijing, it is almost the same, except that the Pekingese (es) are much less bling. A good looking, there is no major Chinese designers. If they are Chinese, it is only a beginning, as they have their classes in the West. I quote Alexander Wang has managed the feat of selling luxury 100% made in China (thank you Anna Wintour who had the good idea to propel among older designers who, it must be said, struggling to renew itself) .

As a fashion “street”, it is instructive and reflects what the Chinese fashion today. That is to say, stuck in the 80s. I can not count the times or my eyes were assaulted by psychedelic visions of Véronique and Davina. I am often blocked before jeunettes spindle Bonbec pink t-shirt with yellow smiley. Missing is the foam headband in her hair and around the arm.

No, but I médis. The trend gradually arrange, we are passing in the 90s.

Anna Wintour

Anna Wintour (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sometimes I understand Beijingers tell me that Shanghai is vulgar. Yes, too much bling bling kills.

All this to say that China is still far from being a creative center for fashion. There is little place for young Chinese designers who, despite significant efforts, simply copy Western styles of other great designers. Hampered in their tracks in front of the European craze for luxury … it’s a shame.


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