Asian Explorers

These people who went west one day to discover Asia have a charm, a perfume, a unique destiny. “It’s a bit us, right?

English: Summer Palace at Beijing, China Deuts...

English: Summer Palace at Beijing, China Deutsch: Sommerpalast in Peking, China Português: Palácio de Verão em Pequim, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Editions Ouest France published in the spring an exciting booklet entitled “People of Western explorers of Asia,” which speaks of India, Cochin China, Tibet, Laos, Japan, but of course China.
Our first Breton hero in China, of course, is Victor Segalen, explorer, doctor and writer especially fascinated by imperial China. But there are also Fontaney Jean, born in the very religious diocese of St. Pol de Leon, a Jesuit who saved the Emperor of China through the bark. Did you know that Rennes was born a Gustave-Charles Toussaint, translator of ancient Tibetan holy book?

This book allows us to follow the fate of adventurous Auguste Chapdelaine (the Normandy Rochelle, almost in Normandy), martyr at Kuang Si, or that of Lorient Prosper Giquel, became a translator and diplomat in China. We can remember, not too talk to his Chinese friends that it is a Guingamp, Leonard Joseph Victor Charner, which led naval operations when taking Tian Qin August 24, 1860 Admiral. Reassure us, he did not participate in the Summer Palace of the bag, saying, “I do not war and piracy” – phew, honor is safe. However, we prefer more gladly celebrate China’s non controversielle memory hero Brest Mesny Gerald, died of pneumonic plague doctor in Harbin in September 1911.

English: Auguste Chapdelaine, missionnary of t...

English: Auguste Chapdelaine, missionnary of the MEP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We therefore highly recommend you read this, hoping that the Britons find it a source of inspiration and continue to wear the colors of Britain in the Middle Kingdom.


Longhua Temple Shanghai

The last weekend we took advantage of good weather to visit a little known temple in Shanghai. This is the Longhua temple, south of Shanghai Stadium (about 5 minutes by taxi), roughly less than ten minutes from the house.

The Longhua Pagoda of Longhua Temple in Shangh...

The Longhua Pagoda of Longhua Temple in Shanghai, China, its present form under the wooden facade built in 977 during the Song Dynasty (960-1279 CE) period, with later renovations that account for the updated, decorative wooden exterior seen today. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There are two and a half years we’ve been to the Jade Buddha Temple in the district of Jing’An guide recommended that we Cartoville (nice temple by the way). I also knew Jing year temple on Nanjing road (which I have not yet visited), and I know another step away from the antique market.
But I had never heard of Longhua Temple. It took Morgan comes out our dusty old backpacker that we pay attention to this place.

A little turn on the spot has become, 12 kuais taxi later we are on the site. But unfortunately for us, obliges World Expo, the site is open to visitors but still under renovation. So nice photos with scaffolding. Even though the temple is not bad, it was difficult to perceive the space to the sounds of jackhammers, and tons of piles of scree.

However, I recommend you visit the Longhua temple … as soon as the show starts, knowing that around, there is also the museum and the park of the martyrs (a bit too formal for my taste), if you’re interested.

Welcome To Shanghai game

Do you know the game of musical chairs? This is the game in which several people stupid revolve around several chairs at the sound of lively music. As soon as the music stops, all participants must rush to sit as soon as possible. Knowing that there are fewer chairs as participants, it is the battle when the sound stops.

A game of the non-competitive version in one o...

A game of the non-competitive version in one of its final stages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that you have read the rules, imagine they are applied in everyday life in Shanghai.

Every day, without really realizing it, I partipe the game of the chair. Whether at the supermarket, mail or even better in transit (besides this place is even worse) I “play” or rather I am forced to play musical chairs.
Few days ago, I was sitting quietly in the subway when arrived at the station as soon as the doors opened a grandmother was violently precipitated on the first place in order, unfortunately it was grilled by a few centimeters happy young man have doubled this high level competitor. And yet the story does not arrêtât there in a few microseconds super granny like a rocket precipitate on any other in sight. It was good. You could see the joy on his face that he had not completely lost the battle.

Nanjing Road pedestrian mall, perhaps the busi...

Nanjing Road pedestrian mall, perhaps the busiest retail street in the city, in the pre-merger Huangpu district (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really regretted not having a camera on me because the scene was to piss laughing.

Yes, Shanghai is fierce competition in the game of musical chairs, in addition, not need music to motivate Shanghainese.

The Sichuan Food

The Sichuan basin, enclosed by mountains, is the geographical center of China and one of the most fertile regions. The region is far from the sea, many foods are salted, dried, smoked or spicy (pepper) for their conservation, which gives a very characteristic kitchen.


This is the spiciest food in China (even though they say the same thing that Hunan). The aromas are more pronounced garlic, fennel, coriander, star anise, allspice and black pepper.

1245106_220212943832_2Cooking a braised and smoking are typical methods of preparation. Frog legs, duck smoked with tea leaves, the prawns with garlic and salt, tofu (soybean curd cheese) spicy, Szechuan dishes are very popular. The most famous dish is the spicy chicken with peanuts.

Hong Kong Island

Honk kong IslandThe island of Hong Kong, which represents only 7% of the territory, is home to the famous City and its forest of skyscrapers. Skyline at the foot of Victoria Peak, is impressive by day and night. The flamboyant buildings have long since displaced the old Chinese houses and the price per m2 is among the highest in the world.

hong kong islandIt is on the island of Hong Kong, Central, the beating financial heart of Asia: it is not for nothing that Hong Kong is often compared to New York. Walking in the area is an unforgettable experience!

Shanghai Food

Shanghai is the largest city and the largest port in mainland China. Just like New York, the city does not really her own kitchen, but gathers and refines the neighboring provinces. It is located at the place where the river flows into the Yangtze China Sea. The lower Yangtse abounds in vegetables and freshwater products.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China.

English: The skyline of Shanghai, China. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Shanghai, a city of gourmets, brings together a wide variety of dishes: fried ravioli, many soups, fish and seafood, specialty until this very popular in Hong Kong, crab “hairy” freshwater. Sins during the spawning season in the Fall, these crabs will be shipped by air boxes whole Hong Kong, where they are eagerly awaited by connoisseurs palate (and silver).

The region also produces an incredible amount of ducks, which are dried and “hurry” in Nanjingshanghai crab In Shanghai, one of the favorite methods of cooking is cooking red, which involves long simmering food in soy sauce and rice wine yellow. Ravioli stuffed with meat, eel cooked in wine with garlic pieces, noodles sautéed freshwater shrimp are just one small sample.

Beijing Food

China extends north to the borders of Inner Mongolia. It is very cold in winter and too hot in summer. The cuisine reflects a continental, and there also consume lamb and mutton. The Huoguo (fondue) Mongolian is a dish best served in the winter. Sesame, made originally by the Tartar hordes, is very popular (oil seeds and sesame paste).

English: The Peking Duck as its ready to be sliced

English: The Peking Duck as its ready to be sliced (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Noodles and buns often replace steam rice (here we only cultivates wheat). The most popular vegetable in the region is a large cabbage white, derived from a cross between the cabbage, lettuce and celery, and known as the “Chinese cabbage“. The northern Chinese love strong flavors of rice vinegar and vegetables in sweet and sour sauce.

Beijing cuisine often combines solid rustic dishes with simple classic haute cuisine end of the imperial court. The summit is the famous culinary Peking duck, a dish originally imperial. The preparation consists of drying the duck in the open air, to be coated with a “glaze” soy, then roast it. Once cooked, the duck is carved at the table ceremoniously by a butler in white gloves.beijing duck

Guests pose a slice of crispy skin on which rest a little meat, a thin slice of cucumber, a sprig of chives and a hint of slightly sweet plum sauce on a small pancake as thin as a transparent sheet.

Peking duck preparating at Restaurant in Beijing

Peking duck preparating at Restaurant in Beijing (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Another popular dish, chicken beggar like Peking duck, generally must be ordered in advance when booking the table. Beggar chicken is a whole chicken stuffed with mushrooms, cabbage, herbs and onions, then wrapped in lotus leaves before being coated with clay, then stewed. A table, the client breaks the crust hardened himself with a small mallet to release the delicious aroma that developed inside.

Travel in Xi’an

Loess is an easy prey for the erosion that contributes to shaping these trays scenery. The area is known for its many cave houses dug into the clay friable loess. Today, there are still millions of people who live in these underground houses.

u=1415679029,125535012&fm=23&gp=0This region of six million people remained rough, inhabited for many farmers. This is what happens in the history of famous film director Zhang Yimou, who Ju, Chinese woman, with Gong Li in the lead role (Best Actress Award at the Venice Film Festival in 1992).

The city of Xi’an has approximately three million people, of which a large Muslim minority, the Hui (approximately
100 000).

u=2409147143,84561178&fm=23&gp=0The construction of a railroad in the 1930s, the city has given a boost, after centuries of lethargy, linking industrialized coastal provinces. It was not until 1949 that Xi’an is undergoing profound changes in industrializing.

Many textile mills were created using the cotton produced in large quantities in the province.

Other plants are dedicated to the manufacture of chemical fertilizers and agricultural machinery, there is even a large pharmaceutical plant in joint venture with Belgium. But it is tourism which is becoming the most important industry.

Travel to tibet by organized group?

To be sure not to be repressed at the border, you must contact a travel agent in the country of origin or to a local Nepalese and Chinese. Buying a short break to enter the province or it will always be possible to try to negotiate an extension.

tibet chinaAgencies are lapped Kathmandu this year, they offer all the classic route Lhasa – Kathmandu at prices substantially identical, with two possible options: luxury (relative) and backpacker.

We recommend reading the advertisements in English newspapers to know the promotional conditions and the next departure dates.

u=1678707818,3563255951&fm=59In China itself, should be consulted ads posted by other travelers in hotel lobbies and join together to charter a vehicle.