Welcome To Shanghai game

Do you know the game of musical chairs? This is the game in which several people stupid revolve around several chairs at the sound of lively music. As soon as the music stops, all participants must rush to sit as soon as possible. Knowing that there are fewer chairs as participants, it is the battle when the sound stops.

A game of the non-competitive version in one o...

A game of the non-competitive version in one of its final stages (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Now that you have read the rules, imagine they are applied in everyday life in Shanghai.

Every day, without really realizing it, I partipe the game of the chair. Whether at the supermarket, mail or even better in transit (besides this place is even worse) I “play” or rather I am forced to play musical chairs.
Few days ago, I was sitting quietly in the subway when arrived at the station as soon as the doors opened a grandmother was violently precipitated on the first place in order, unfortunately it was grilled by a few centimeters happy young man have doubled this high level competitor. And yet the story does not arrêtât there in a few microseconds super granny like a rocket precipitate on any other in sight. It was good. You could see the joy on his face that he had not completely lost the battle.

Nanjing Road pedestrian mall, perhaps the busi...

Nanjing Road pedestrian mall, perhaps the busiest retail street in the city, in the pre-merger Huangpu district (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I really regretted not having a camera on me because the scene was to piss laughing.

Yes, Shanghai is fierce competition in the game of musical chairs, in addition, not need music to motivate Shanghainese.





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