Asian Explorers

These people who went west one day to discover Asia have a charm, a perfume, a unique destiny. “It’s a bit us, right?

English: Summer Palace at Beijing, China Deuts...

English: Summer Palace at Beijing, China Deutsch: Sommerpalast in Peking, China Português: Palácio de Verão em Pequim, China (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Editions Ouest France published in the spring an exciting booklet entitled “People of Western explorers of Asia,” which speaks of India, Cochin China, Tibet, Laos, Japan, but of course China.
Our first Breton hero in China, of course, is Victor Segalen, explorer, doctor and writer especially fascinated by imperial China. But there are also Fontaney Jean, born in the very religious diocese of St. Pol de Leon, a Jesuit who saved the Emperor of China through the bark. Did you know that Rennes was born a Gustave-Charles Toussaint, translator of ancient Tibetan holy book?

This book allows us to follow the fate of adventurous Auguste Chapdelaine (the Normandy Rochelle, almost in Normandy), martyr at Kuang Si, or that of Lorient Prosper Giquel, became a translator and diplomat in China. We can remember, not too talk to his Chinese friends that it is a Guingamp, Leonard Joseph Victor Charner, which led naval operations when taking Tian Qin August 24, 1860 Admiral. Reassure us, he did not participate in the Summer Palace of the bag, saying, “I do not war and piracy” – phew, honor is safe. However, we prefer more gladly celebrate China’s non controversielle memory hero Brest Mesny Gerald, died of pneumonic plague doctor in Harbin in September 1911.

English: Auguste Chapdelaine, missionnary of t...

English: Auguste Chapdelaine, missionnary of the MEP (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We therefore highly recommend you read this, hoping that the Britons find it a source of inspiration and continue to wear the colors of Britain in the Middle Kingdom.


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