how Chinese see USA?

how Chinese see USA?


USA is a wonderfull place for Chinese- a dense tangle of old animated congested roads and highways, office towers and stun construction zones . For those who live here , it can feel scolded and frantic , to those who visit the suburbs or in the countryside , it is a quintessential urban destinations in America.

But this is not what chinese sees.

Example Zhou, who moved to Boston from China in 2006 and worked in a company called Sun Travel Services , paints a very different picture of the city when describing his associates in Beijing and Shanghai. ” You can enjoy nature here ,” she said. “There’s fresh air and a healthy and relaxing environment. “



This portrait of Boston as a bucolic retirement health may seem strange to most full-time residents . But it turns out the central city sales to a group that is growing rapidly in size and economic importance worldwide : Chinese tourists.

In recent years, cities across America have found a strange and unprecedented competition to capture the interest of the most lucrative cash and fastest growing world travelers. With the new wealth, new freedom , a smooth visa process and the recent introduction of paid holidays , Chinese tourists flock to the outdoors and spend huge sums of money wherever they go . Last year , they spent $ 102 billion worldwide, according to the World Tourism Organization of the United Nations , 40 percent more than the previous year , making them the highest spending group tourism world for the first time . The U.S. Department of Commerce had about 1.5 million Chinese visitors to America in 2012 , up nearly 200 percent since 2008, for a total ” spend ” of $ 8.8 billion . By 2017, the number of visitors pour into the United States from China each year to more than 4 million.

    ” You can even see and hear the birds in Boston, unthinkable in Chinese cities something. “

Not wanting to be outdone, the local tourism industry is trying to figure out what the city and the state can do to capitalize on the growing Chinese market steroid . So far , the project has involved lobbying Massport aviation operators to introduce a direct flight from China to Logan Airport , and the Massachusetts Office of Travel and Tourism conducting seminars for local operators of hotel , retail and restaurants on the quirks of Chinese travelers , they like hot soy milk for breakfast, for example, and appreciate it when their rooms are equipped with slippers and cups of instant noodles in the minibar .
But the heart of this campaign is the task of projecting a “brand Boston ” that will stand out from other towns and attractions of America , which reflects the unique characteristics of the city in a way that appeals particularly to Chinese. in some respects, the picture that is emerging is predictable , given the interest of China in education, it is logical that Harvard and MIT are a number of points of interest . But there are also lesser-known elements , among them the idea that Boston, compared to cities like Beijing smog , is deeply peaceful and healthy .

” Bostonians take all this for granted , all the major parks and green spaces and the waterfront and the islands of Port and the blue sky ,” said Pat Moscaritolo , president of the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau , which nonprofit works with the sun travels to attract Chinese travelers and Boston to promote Chinese tour operators. He added : ” This is a huge contrast to the way people in Beijing and Shanghai live their lives. “

Competition is fierce , as cities across the country are scrambling to create images of themselves deliberately designed for the Chinese market . Together, they are referring to a vision of America , and what it has to offer , which is given to the often unexpected ways that people of a different culture might see .

“It’s that old adage , ” said Moscaritolo . “You ‘re never a visitor in your own hometown . “


A recent night in August , a group of about 15 Chinese journalists gathered in the courtyard of the city -owned Parkman House, enjoying some wine before a ” Taste of New England” dinner on the theme . The next day they would travel to Plymouth, and the day after , Cape Cod. “Each of these international visitors is a stimulus plan works! ” exclaimed Moscaritolo , who helped plan the trip in the hope of inspire journalists to publish stories to tell their readers to come to New England.

Chinese Tourism Market

At present , this is not what most Chinese tourists do when they visit America . Instead , as part of large organized tour groups , they tend to fly into New York or California , which have direct flights that connect in Beijing and Shanghai, and attract by far the largest share of tourists Chinese to the United States.

Chinese Tourist are attracted by Western World, see how they search information here

From there , travelers take the bus to see so many interesting places as they can, often at a breakneck pace . Boston tends to be nothing more than an interlude of a day on the tour bus in New York, with visitors who arrive in Cambridge to see Harvard and MIT before continuing their journey.

These kinds of brought in last year nearly 300 million visits , according to a report commissioned by the Greater Boston Convention and Visitors Bureau. But Bruce Bommarito , a tourism consultant long fluent Mandarin that helps Boston navigate the Chinese market, said the number could be much higher if the city could capture the attention of people who have been in the United States once , and want to return to get to know the country in a deeper way. It is a ” different kind of tourism,” said – Bommarito and the Chinese travel boom continues , it is one that will become increasingly common .

In order to get Chinese people to stay longer in Boston and New England to stay in city hotels and eating in restaurants for several days and nights , then make short trips to other parts of the region the first order of business , according to Moscaritolo is convince an airline to start running a direct flight from China to Logan Airport . People fly directly in and out are more likely to spend their money here, especially on luxury goods they intend to bring home . In July, the Wall Street Journal reported that Hainan Airlines has applied for approval of Chinese regulators to start a Boston route next year .

It ‘s not just Boston who wants their business, of course : Across the country, a plan is being specific to the city designed to enthusiasms and preferences of Chinese tourists imaginary locations. In Chicago, the focus is on Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose- massive stars in China, where basketball is very popular , as well as the University of record producing winners of the Nobel Prize in Chicago. Seattle uses a popular Chinese romantic comedy that has been set, “Beijing meeting Seattle ” as a marketing hook .

” Houston has worked very hard on the market of a Lin- Yao Ming angle Jeremy ,” said Bommarito He added . “Hawaii does very well because of its proximity . Florida begins to grow , especially Orlando and Miami, because the Chinese as cruise ships and they love the mouse. ” Other cities, meanwhile, ” are still in the process of finding their story to tell, or are even in the process understand that they need one , “says Wolfgang Georg Arlt , professor of tourism Germany and founder of a research firm that publishes reports on trends in the Chinese tourism .

In Boston , the trick was to find what the city can offer more chance to visit the educational Mecca of Cambridge a big draw , but not enough to convince tourists to stay here more than a day or two . This challenge required those involved in the tourism industry to put Boston in the minds of people they are trying to get in. ” What you need to do is look at the reasons why they move, that if they are looking for when they come to America , “said Moscaritolo .



Some things are obvious. It is well known , for example, that Chinese travelers love to shop , because the steep sales tax in China makes much more expensive luxury goods , so there. But others are more surprising : American history, it turns out, is of great interest , which makes the unique role of Boston in a major selling point . ” One point that I am trying to market is that Boston is one of the oldest cities in America ,” said Zhou, adding that many Chinese do not know the historical events they learned about the school , as the Mayflower landing took place near Boston. A portion of the height of Zhou , therefore , is that ” Boston is the cradle of liberty and freedom . “

Then there is the angle of the nature, which positions Boston as a place with fresh air and a gateway to New England , where visitors can enjoy the hills and foliage , whale watching , eat lobster fees , and hiking in the national parks. Boston that offers such easy access to nature calls for Chinese tourists looking for a respite from the house back to the atmosphere : “If you consider the degree of pollution , thickness, air Beijing and Shanghai , you will understand it , “said Xiao Yang , a reporter for the South of people every week , who arrived in Boston on a Nieman Fellowship ago just a month . Since Xiao visited Walden Pond, and provides a trip to Maine , and even to be here for a little while , he said, “change the air in your lungs. “

Nature is already part of the Chinese travel habits : At home , tourists spend occasional weekends relaxing in the small towns of the farm, and if they have more vacation , they go to Tibet , Yunnan Province or Thailand. ” There is a market in China with people who go to different places to enjoy nature ,” said Zhou, ” but they do not yet know that Boston and New England [ have ] that . This is the message we want to send . “

In light of growing concerns over China pollution , Boston seems almost like a spa destination, defined by a healthy city. Adding to this impression are its world-class hospitals, where, according to Zhou , some Chinese guests was ” general controls the body,” they thought would be far superior to what they could return home . “Sometimes , the Chinese say that if you can not be treated in Boston, you can not be treated elsewhere , because Boston has the most advanced in the world” hospitals , said the president of China tourism bureau



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Beijing my favorite city in China!!!

Beijing my favorite city in China!!!

Beijing is the capital of the People’s Republic of China and one of the most populated cities in the world. The population in 2012 was 20,693,000. The metropolis, located in northern China, is governed as a direct-controlled municipality under the national government, with 14 urban and suburban districts and two rural counties.Beijing Municipality is surrounded by Hebei Province with the exception of Tianjin Municipality southern neighbor.

Beijing city Beijing modern city Beijing wonderfull city Beijing
Beijing is China’s second largest city by urban population after Shanghai and is the political, cultural and educational center of the nation. It is the seat of most of the large state enterprises in China, and is a major hub for road, highway, railway and high-speed rail networks. The Beijing Capital International Airport is the second largest in the world by passenger traffic.
The history of the city dates back to three thousand years. As the last of the four great ancient capitals of China, Beijing is the political center of the country during most of the last eight centuries. The city is renowned for its opulent palaces, temples, gardens, tombs, walls and doors,
and its art treasures and universities have made it a center of culture and art China.

Few cities in the world have been the political and cultural center of a huge industry for so long !

more information :

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Find an apartment in Beijing

Find an apartment in Beijing

Today we will visit three ad views on the Beijing apartments . Drawback rates for Western therefore more expensive . Advantage: English-speaking counterparts , thus easier to understand.

Beijing subway

We take the subway to our first appointment at 11am . The subway costs 2 yen , or 0.25 € . 6 times cheaper than Paris , it’s fun . First surprise : we must get our luggage X-rays, but unlike airports, there is no security gate . Amazing .

Then our magnetic card is passed through a machine , take the subway … and returns the magnetic badge to get out . The machine swallowed the card. Malin . Compared to Paris , fraud is almost impossible , magnetic cards are more convenient than paper tickets , and there is no metro ticket thrown to the ground .

By cons , some trash. Underground corridors , especially those leading to the outside , are extremely dirty ( trash everywhere ) , crowded and filled with small vendors (grilled corn … ) .

Another surprise : the Pekingese in the subway are as friendly as the Parisians . When out , nobody outside the gates has grown. So in elbowing and pulling the arms of my girlfriend we managed to get out . If my girlfriend would have remained inside …

Find an apartment in Beijing2

Two other surprises:

– Although the subway seems very dense ( fifteen lines now) , this is not the case in reality , Beijing is much larger than Paris , and there is only one metro stop all 1000/1500 meters against one every 400/500 meters in Paris.

– Advertising is everywhere: Inside the subway tunnels , there are small screens that broadcast advertising that moves at the same speed as the subway so as to be visible from inside the train. Similarly, we see the same pub where the hand is placed in the escalator …

Visit apartments

The first apartment is located in a neighborhood not friendly to our taste : we must take a bus to the subway , buildings are not terrible . We go : the room is big and refurbishment , but the apartment is tired and dirty. And outside is not great .

We visit a second apartment . The building is not that great from the outside – a large 14-storey tower – but the interior is much better . A very clean bright apartment , two bedrooms , a European standard. In one room , a Russian and sometimes his girlfriend. The other room is available. Small – 10/12 m² for two, this is not – but at least it is not too expensive – RMB 2600 per month, or 334 euros per month – 170 euros each. With electricity, internet , heating and water, it is 190 euros per month per person .

The building where I live in Beijing. A large bar 14 floors not very attractive at first glance, but very quiet , well located (in the business center , surrounded by brand new offices) and well equipped inside.Find an apartment in Beijing

We visit a third apart : the interior of the building is dirty, but it ‘s nice apartment . Problem : the room is only available for three months …

Finally, we take the second apartment. One has to pay three months at once more the deposit or RMB 10,400 (1350 € for two ) . It’s expensive, but not for me a month’s rent – and I’m quiet for three months.


Visiting Xi An, the guide

Visiting Xi An, the guide

At the heart of China, the capital of Shaanxi Province, Xi An, or city of eternal peace, is a gateway to ancient Chinese civilization window. Over several millennia, no less than thirteen dynasties built their capital, including the Han, Qin and Tang, the three most powerful and prosperous Chinese history.

Dynasties have always marked their passage. Xi An and contains relics and historic sites that make it a must-see destination for any trip to China. The period from May to November is the best time to visit the city.

Visiting Xi AnXi An has a square traditional Chinese architecture. Ramparts, well preserved, contain particular Great Wild Goose Pagoda, often seen as the symbol of the city, and the towers of the Drum and Bell Tower. Two monuments to the ancient tradition of ringing the bell at dawn and the drum roll at night.

Cradle of Chinese civilization, Xi An is also the point of departure or arrival of the Silk Road. The city also has a large Muslim community, descendants of Arab and Persian merchants who came by this road, settled in the country. The Muslim Quarter is a place to share in Xi An For over 1,250 years, this community supports its schools, shops, restaurants and mosques. Chinese style, The Great Mosque of Xi An is also one of the largest and best preserved in the country.

With the development of the textile industries of the plain that surrounds the Weihe, Xi An is now an industrial, academic and scientific center of the first importance. With approximately 4.3 million inhabitants, it is also a young city which combines tradition and modernity.

Transport and travel to Xi An

Airport Xi An, Xianyang, is about 45 kilometers from the historic center of the city. Taxis or minibuses provide transfer to the heart of Xi An on-site, the city is well connected by bus and metro. The taxi is a convenient means of transportation to get from downtown to the pagodas.


7 places Chinese people visit in Beijing

 7 places Chinese people visit in Beijing

Beijing is among the top 10 destinations for domestic Chinese tourists, this is a city that has a lot of meaning for Chinese people, a place they want to visit. They perceive it as the city of culture, with romantic and prestigious universities, history, when other cities in China such as Shanghai are places for business. Beijing has an unique appeal, a mix of fascination because of political power, prestige with history and this is still a city that has been through a lot of change in the past decades, and with new migrants coming in, a city that will change a lot in the close future. All these reasons combined explain why Chinese people wan to visit it ;

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1)    The Great Wall at Badaling


This is the star touristic attraction of Beijing and of China. This are a few places where it can be visited, but none of them is more frequented than Badaling. There is more than 20.000 tourists per day at this single spot ! Chinese people see the Great Wall as something they have to see once in their life to be reckoned as a real Chinese citizen, and they will climb it. It is sometimes spectacular to see very old people going up the very steep stairway just to prove themselves they can do it.

2)    The Forbidden City

With 8 millions visitors a year, the Forbidden city is clearly one of the top touristic attractions of Beijing. The tourists are for the most part Chinese citizens and they want to see the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasty, they know some of the stories behind the walls, the symbol of Chinese power for centuries. The Forbidden city also features one of the most beautiful museums in Beijing, the Imperial palace museum and its fascinating collections. Because of its size, the Forbidden City does not give the impression of being that packed with tourists, this is a place you can walk in open spaces.

3)    The Tian An Men Square

This is the symbol of Beijing for Chinese people, with many historical events that occurred there, first of them of course the founding of People’s Republic of China. Chairman Mao is still there, his picture at the north, its mausoleum to be visited at the south. From there Chinese people go to the Forbidden City, the Wangfujing commercial street and the national opera which is just at the west.

4) The Summer Palace

What westerners call the summer palace is actually a large complex of two summer palaces, with different designs and histories. These are fascinating places marked by the history of the end of the Qing dynasty, colonial wars and the rise of modern China. Chinese people want to see the place where Cixi, the dowager empress spent most of her life, the stone boat, the replica of the most famous landscapes of China such as the Kunming Lake and its scenery. Chinese tourists enjoy it all year long but some periods are preferred because of the species of trees and flowers.

5) Temple of Heaven

Chinese tourists are eager to visit this place of prayer of the ancient Chinese emperors. The place is full of symbols displayed on a very large surface, but it is a public park with its own life in Beijing. When you visit this place you will meet real Beijingers having a walk, performing music, Tai Qi Quan, flying kites… There is Temple fairs in the Temple of Heaven during the Chinese new year festival, with performances reproducing the Ancient China’s winter solstice festivals, this is a great moment to visit the Temple.

6)    The Old city and the Hutongs

The Chinese tourists visit the old streets of Beijing, the city’s area which is called the Hutongs, a labyrinth of small alleys with a pale gray color characteristic of Beijing, and carved doors, restaurants, shops, cafés. The area is large and undergoing renovation, it concentrates many of the city’s attractions, from the Yonghegong Lama Temple, the Temple of Confucius, the Bell and Drum Tower of Gulou, the interior lakes and Houhai, the Nanluo Guxiang alley, residences of famous Chinese people. This is a place for endless walks, with a lot of charm.

7)    A Beijing Duck restaurant

There is many things Chinese people visiting Beijing want to do, go the the theater, see the trendiest places where they dream of meeting stars, visit the  Chaoyang acrobatic circus, the Olympic park, location of famous novels if they are still visible,  but there is another thing they cannot miss, eating a Beijing Duck. There is debate about which one is the most famous, foreigners tend to prefer Da Dong but the legendary place for Chinese people is Quanjude.

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