7 places Chinese people visit in Beijing

 7 places Chinese people visit in Beijing

Beijing is among the top 10 destinations for domestic Chinese tourists, this is a city that has a lot of meaning for Chinese people, a place they want to visit. They perceive it as the city of culture, with romantic and prestigious universities, history, when other cities in China such as Shanghai are places for business. Beijing has an unique appeal, a mix of fascination because of political power, prestige with history and this is still a city that has been through a lot of change in the past decades, and with new migrants coming in, a city that will change a lot in the close future. All these reasons combined explain why Chinese people wan to visit it ;

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1)    The Great Wall at Badaling


This is the star touristic attraction of Beijing and of China. This are a few places where it can be visited, but none of them is more frequented than Badaling. There is more than 20.000 tourists per day at this single spot ! Chinese people see the Great Wall as something they have to see once in their life to be reckoned as a real Chinese citizen, and they will climb it. It is sometimes spectacular to see very old people going up the very steep stairway just to prove themselves they can do it.

2)    The Forbidden City

With 8 millions visitors a year, the Forbidden city is clearly one of the top touristic attractions of Beijing. The tourists are for the most part Chinese citizens and they want to see the imperial palace of the Ming and Qing dynasty, they know some of the stories behind the walls, the symbol of Chinese power for centuries. The Forbidden city also features one of the most beautiful museums in Beijing, the Imperial palace museum and its fascinating collections. Because of its size, the Forbidden City does not give the impression of being that packed with tourists, this is a place you can walk in open spaces.

3)    The Tian An Men Square

This is the symbol of Beijing for Chinese people, with many historical events that occurred there, first of them of course the founding of People’s Republic of China. Chairman Mao is still there, his picture at the north, its mausoleum to be visited at the south. From there Chinese people go to the Forbidden City, the Wangfujing commercial street and the national opera which is just at the west.

4) The Summer Palace

What westerners call the summer palace is actually a large complex of two summer palaces, with different designs and histories. These are fascinating places marked by the history of the end of the Qing dynasty, colonial wars and the rise of modern China. Chinese people want to see the place where Cixi, the dowager empress spent most of her life, the stone boat, the replica of the most famous landscapes of China such as the Kunming Lake and its scenery. Chinese tourists enjoy it all year long but some periods are preferred because of the species of trees and flowers.

5) Temple of Heaven

Chinese tourists are eager to visit this place of prayer of the ancient Chinese emperors. The place is full of symbols displayed on a very large surface, but it is a public park with its own life in Beijing. When you visit this place you will meet real Beijingers having a walk, performing music, Tai Qi Quan, flying kites… There is Temple fairs in the Temple of Heaven during the Chinese new year festival, with performances reproducing the Ancient China’s winter solstice festivals, this is a great moment to visit the Temple.

6)    The Old city and the Hutongs

The Chinese tourists visit the old streets of Beijing, the city’s area which is called the Hutongs, a labyrinth of small alleys with a pale gray color characteristic of Beijing, and carved doors, restaurants, shops, cafés. The area is large and undergoing renovation, it concentrates many of the city’s attractions, from the Yonghegong Lama Temple, the Temple of Confucius, the Bell and Drum Tower of Gulou, the interior lakes and Houhai, the Nanluo Guxiang alley, residences of famous Chinese people. This is a place for endless walks, with a lot of charm.

7)    A Beijing Duck restaurant

There is many things Chinese people visiting Beijing want to do, go the the theater, see the trendiest places where they dream of meeting stars, visit the  Chaoyang acrobatic circus, the Olympic park, location of famous novels if they are still visible,  but there is another thing they cannot miss, eating a Beijing Duck. There is debate about which one is the most famous, foreigners tend to prefer Da Dong but the legendary place for Chinese people is Quanjude.

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