Visiting Xi An, the guide

Visiting Xi An, the guide

At the heart of China, the capital of Shaanxi Province, Xi An, or city of eternal peace, is a gateway to ancient Chinese civilization window. Over several millennia, no less than thirteen dynasties built their capital, including the Han, Qin and Tang, the three most powerful and prosperous Chinese history.

Dynasties have always marked their passage. Xi An and contains relics and historic sites that make it a must-see destination for any trip to China. The period from May to November is the best time to visit the city.

Visiting Xi AnXi An has a square traditional Chinese architecture. Ramparts, well preserved, contain particular Great Wild Goose Pagoda, often seen as the symbol of the city, and the towers of the Drum and Bell Tower. Two monuments to the ancient tradition of ringing the bell at dawn and the drum roll at night.

Cradle of Chinese civilization, Xi An is also the point of departure or arrival of the Silk Road. The city also has a large Muslim community, descendants of Arab and Persian merchants who came by this road, settled in the country. The Muslim Quarter is a place to share in Xi An For over 1,250 years, this community supports its schools, shops, restaurants and mosques. Chinese style, The Great Mosque of Xi An is also one of the largest and best preserved in the country.

With the development of the textile industries of the plain that surrounds the Weihe, Xi An is now an industrial, academic and scientific center of the first importance. With approximately 4.3 million inhabitants, it is also a young city which combines tradition and modernity.

Transport and travel to Xi An

Airport Xi An, Xianyang, is about 45 kilometers from the historic center of the city. Taxis or minibuses provide transfer to the heart of Xi An on-site, the city is well connected by bus and metro. The taxi is a convenient means of transportation to get from downtown to the pagodas.



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