Find an apartment in Beijing

Find an apartment in Beijing

Today we will visit three ad views on the Beijing apartments . Drawback rates for Western therefore more expensive . Advantage: English-speaking counterparts , thus easier to understand.

Beijing subway

We take the subway to our first appointment at 11am . The subway costs 2 yen , or 0.25 € . 6 times cheaper than Paris , it’s fun . First surprise : we must get our luggage X-rays, but unlike airports, there is no security gate . Amazing .

Then our magnetic card is passed through a machine , take the subway … and returns the magnetic badge to get out . The machine swallowed the card. Malin . Compared to Paris , fraud is almost impossible , magnetic cards are more convenient than paper tickets , and there is no metro ticket thrown to the ground .

By cons , some trash. Underground corridors , especially those leading to the outside , are extremely dirty ( trash everywhere ) , crowded and filled with small vendors (grilled corn … ) .

Another surprise : the Pekingese in the subway are as friendly as the Parisians . When out , nobody outside the gates has grown. So in elbowing and pulling the arms of my girlfriend we managed to get out . If my girlfriend would have remained inside …

Find an apartment in Beijing2

Two other surprises:

– Although the subway seems very dense ( fifteen lines now) , this is not the case in reality , Beijing is much larger than Paris , and there is only one metro stop all 1000/1500 meters against one every 400/500 meters in Paris.

– Advertising is everywhere: Inside the subway tunnels , there are small screens that broadcast advertising that moves at the same speed as the subway so as to be visible from inside the train. Similarly, we see the same pub where the hand is placed in the escalator …

Visit apartments

The first apartment is located in a neighborhood not friendly to our taste : we must take a bus to the subway , buildings are not terrible . We go : the room is big and refurbishment , but the apartment is tired and dirty. And outside is not great .

We visit a second apartment . The building is not that great from the outside – a large 14-storey tower – but the interior is much better . A very clean bright apartment , two bedrooms , a European standard. In one room , a Russian and sometimes his girlfriend. The other room is available. Small – 10/12 m² for two, this is not – but at least it is not too expensive – RMB 2600 per month, or 334 euros per month – 170 euros each. With electricity, internet , heating and water, it is 190 euros per month per person .

The building where I live in Beijing. A large bar 14 floors not very attractive at first glance, but very quiet , well located (in the business center , surrounded by brand new offices) and well equipped inside.Find an apartment in Beijing

We visit a third apart : the interior of the building is dirty, but it ‘s nice apartment . Problem : the room is only available for three months …

Finally, we take the second apartment. One has to pay three months at once more the deposit or RMB 10,400 (1350 € for two ) . It’s expensive, but not for me a month’s rent – and I’m quiet for three months.



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