No nose picking, peeing in pools for Chinese tourists

No nose picking, peeing in pools for Chinese tourists


The Chinese National Tourism Administration seems to limit the damage in response to recent misconduct of Chinese tourists abroad (see : tourists throw candy to North Korean children “as they feed the ducks ” and the incident involving a tourist 3.5000 Chinese and Egyptian temple. )

Their solution ?


A 64-page guide that includes etiquette tips like being punctual for group visits and using shower curtains in hotel rooms , as well as specific suggestions is not so usual and country.

Some general examples : No picking your nose in public, not slurping noodles too hard and spend too much time in public restrooms . And some very specific individual counrtires advice : In Italy, the U.S. guide , it is not favorable to give a handkerchief as a gift . In Germany, the Chinese visitors should bring their fingers if they call for dogs and not to humans. In the UK , it is impolite to ask if they have eaten and France , which gives yellow flowers to your guests can be considered offensive .



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The need for a guide, Summ Liu , a researcher for the Centre for Tourism Research at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, told Reuters earlier this year , “Many Chinese tourists just go abroad, and are often inexperienced and unfamiliar with the rules and overseas standards. ” Bizarre or not, the Chinese tourism is on the rise , from $ 102 million international tourism last year.

Other tips guide , according to the Daily Mail, include:

  •     In Nepal , do not use your foot to touch the property of others
  •     In India , do not touch people with your left hand
  •     In Thailand, not to mention the royal family
  •     Do not look dirty in public
  •     Do not leave marks on the toilet seat


Chinese Tourist travel to Korea !

Chinese Tourist travel to Korea !


The number of Chinese tourists visiting Yeoju Premium Outlets rose from 6,400 last year to 10,100 . Chinese travelers are now the top source of tourism cash in the world, according to a new report by the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

Chinese in seoul

Hundreds of Chinese tourists gathered in front of Lotte Department Store in central Seoul on Sunday afternoon , each carrying a bunch of shopping bags. Long lines formed in front of the elevators leading to duty-free shops , while the agents of stores have had a hard time organizing the huge crowds .

Duty-free shops in the city center were filled with buyers holding their Chinese passports in hand.

“We have doubled our number of Chinese performers 20 years , but we still need more ,” said a staff member Lotte .

“We expect to double the number of Chinese tourists coming weekend . “

Korean tourism and retail are eager to booming sales to Chinese tourists . A record number of Chinese tourists are expected during a national holiday in the country , which will last until October 7


Tourism in Korea

The forecasts Korea Tourism Organization that some 150,000 Chinese will visit Korea during this week, around 60,000 compared to the same period last year.
Chinese tourists walk in the rain at the Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul on Saturday. Chinese tourists walk in the rain at the Gwanghwamun Square in Seoul on Saturday.

Some 2.94 million Chinese tourists visited Korea from January to August this year, already exceeding the 2.83 million Chinese tourists observed the whole of last year.

And they are venturing beyond the usual commercial attractions , spread beyond the downtown Seoul for shopping and sightseeing and heading Premium Outlets on the fringes of the capital.

A growing number of Chinese tourists buy household items and gifts to large areas that until recently the subject of local people were .

Thank you for entry without a visa , Chinese tourists are flocking to the southern resort island of Jeju. Tourist attractions are busy all year round , so much so that Chinese visitors now fuel economy of Jeju. Almost all the restaurants on the island has a menu in Chinese shops and find it essential to hire staff who speak Chinese.

Chinese customers are driving sales to mass merchandisers . Sales increased by only 0.9 percent year on year to 148 E -Mart stores across the country this year , but both E -Mart stores in Jeju frequented by Chinese tourists saw sales increase by 5 , 6 percent.

Lotte Mart Seoul Station , which is very popular among tourists, has seen sales of Chinese customers totaled 56.2 percent this year and 119.5 percent in the month of February, which included Lunar Chinese New Year holiday .

” An increasing number of direct flights and cruise ships that link the island of Jeju and China has led to a sharp increase in the number of Chinese tourists ,” said Lee Won- hee , the manager of one of E -Mart stores on the island of Jeju . “Recently, we have seen many Chinese tourists buy gifts like kimchi, dried seaweed and rubber gloves , so we increased the stocks of these products by more than 30 percent. “via

An output of the luxury fashion in the suburbs of Seoul is also seeing increased sales thanks to Chinese tourists. Paju Premium Outlets store chain operated by Shinsegae , saw 136,000 tourists until August , and 45,200 of them were of Chinese origin – an increase of 27.7 percent compared to last year ..

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