travel :Burma is a mythical country

Burma is a mythical country for all travel enthusiasts . This country has remained unchanged since the 1962 state shot by the military junta .
Some Burmese start living through tourism guides , shops, restaurants, and they should be encouraged .

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travel :Burma is a mythical country

With regard to areas subject to authorization , we prepare this trip with the help of a local agency to obtain pass and accompanying guides.
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Travel to Burma three weeks (February 2010) narrated by astrolabe

Visit the pagoda Schwedagon is the main attraction of Rangoon , but what visual slap!

In more than 40 ° C with the obligation to remove their shoes on the site at the beginning is hopping on the hot marble, but we made it . There are four entrances, one at each cardinal points , the central stupa is covered with gold plates and measuring almost 100 meters high. A wonderful place where you can go around several times without tiring ; great fervor prevails here. more information wikipedia

The second curiosity of the city will be our museum gemstone with a small market on the ground floor for there to shop ( real stones or not? ) Floors and the rarest stones, real thereof.

Just below Bangladesh, Arakan state, the small town of Sittwe lives daily with its fish market . A spectacle out of time, the return of the fishing boats in this end of the world .

We shall then turn the Kaladan River to the site M’rauk -U , an ancient kingdom where a large number of stupas and temples to visit fortified among crops in the region. A warm welcome in this region.

We stay in a small bungalow in the morning and an old man visiting us and we wonder if ” hot water is good?” We will see that this poor man is responsible for a fire under the water tank at night so that the few tourists can have a hot shower in the morning ( this shower will be different the next few days ) .

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“We will resume the journey on the Kaladan River to a village of ethnic Chin , where we meet some of the latest ” spider women ” in the region : this practice was to ugly women tattoo , deemed beautiful in this region to avoid abduction by other tribes.

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