travel :Burma is a mythical country

Burma is a mythical country for all travel enthusiasts . This country has remained unchanged since the 1962 state shot by the military junta .
Some Burmese start living through tourism guides , shops, restaurants, and they should be encouraged .

burma voyage

travel :Burma is a mythical country

With regard to areas subject to authorization , we prepare this trip with the help of a local agency to obtain pass and accompanying guides.
Travel photo in Burma

Travel to Burma three weeks (February 2010) narrated by astrolabe

Visit the pagoda Schwedagon is the main attraction of Rangoon , but what visual slap!

In more than 40 ° C with the obligation to remove their shoes on the site at the beginning is hopping on the hot marble, but we made it . There are four entrances, one at each cardinal points , the central stupa is covered with gold plates and measuring almost 100 meters high. A wonderful place where you can go around several times without tiring ; great fervor prevails here. more information wikipedia

The second curiosity of the city will be our museum gemstone with a small market on the ground floor for there to shop ( real stones or not? ) Floors and the rarest stones, real thereof.

Just below Bangladesh, Arakan state, the small town of Sittwe lives daily with its fish market . A spectacle out of time, the return of the fishing boats in this end of the world .

We shall then turn the Kaladan River to the site M’rauk -U , an ancient kingdom where a large number of stupas and temples to visit fortified among crops in the region. A warm welcome in this region.

We stay in a small bungalow in the morning and an old man visiting us and we wonder if ” hot water is good?” We will see that this poor man is responsible for a fire under the water tank at night so that the few tourists can have a hot shower in the morning ( this shower will be different the next few days ) .

David from explain

“We will resume the journey on the Kaladan River to a village of ethnic Chin , where we meet some of the latest ” spider women ” in the region : this practice was to ugly women tattoo , deemed beautiful in this region to avoid abduction by other tribes.

birmanie voyages photo

An impressive site over 2,200 pagodas and stupas on an area of ​​40 square kilometers . We will visit this site bicycle and carriage .

You have to see Bagan in the morning with fog in the evening at sunset , some pagodas contain huge statues of Buddha , others are entirely white , others brown. Between pagodas crop fields and some livestock. The small town of Bagan remains very much alive with its local market.

The Kaya State

We will then go to Kalaw local bus 8 hours away. Beautiful games but a nightmare in terms of comfort .

Thence required to get to Loikaw along the Kaya state prohibits foreigners guide. We have an appointment with a guide who will accompany us Pao ethnic group to Inle Lake. This guide will enable us visiting a Padaung village where you can meet the amazing ” giraffe women ” this tradition is to put a ring around the neck of girls from the age of four years , to resemble a legendary dragon . In fact, the neck does not stretch , but the shoulders and ribs are pushed down . Many of these women are Karen refugees in Thailand, and are exposed to tourists in this country. Here Karen come to us to offer their crafts as in many other villages.

The entire visit a monastery in Loikaw allow us to discover the daily life of the monks.
Sankar Lake Inle Lake

Loikaw we reach the lake Sankar then Inle Lake, in a day of canoe, this route is subject to authorization and can not be done with the accompaniment of a guide ethnicity Pao ;

A trip made ​​for the photo! A stop at the small village of Sankar , and the canoe was taken up , the color of the lake merges with the sky creating stunning images . Our guide let us on the port Nyaungshwe , which will be our base for a few days.

The visit to the region will be by bike, on foot and by canoe to reach some lakeside villages and weekly market, or monastery Shwe Yan Pyay wood .
Kentung : hiking in the Golden Triangle

To get to Kentung , no other choice than the plane, the road is prohibited due to the presence of former poppy plantations : Officially , there ‘s more.

A guide will also be required. Each output to go to the villages is under control , as a border with fences and military . Course obligation authorization and prove your return in the evening. Apart from that you are ” free” of any hiking in the area . But every day we must do the same approach.

meetings with villagers

It is worth still worth : meetings with villagers will most formidable trip and we have had your fill of food and purchased at a local market to offer on-site drug , which has fostered contacts and invitations in many homes . We were able to rub shoulders with the very rural daily tribes Ann, who blacken their teeth to differentiate themselves from animals, often with their Akha silver jewelery and Silver Palaung , and metal rings he never removed.

Former small monasteries hundreds of years are interesting to visit .

A magical land , a safe country for visitors , you must be crazy to attack a tourist. This country can be visited only with regard to Rangoon , Inle Lake and Bagan. By cons need to have permissions for many other regions.


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