2013 China popular scenic spot

2013 China popular scenic spot

Over the past 2013, ranking lists most travel. Donkey mother travel network released “2013 year China popular scenic spot” list, the list according to the east China, north China, south China, southwest and central China region segmentation.

Data show that the ass mother travel network as fathers of scenic spot ticket reservation, number, number of tickets in cooperation, sales scale, user experience, and other dimensions has maintained the leading position._Jessy said.

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East China top 10 hot scenic spot

Shanghai happy valley, changzhou China dinosaur park, rotten apple park, the Oriental pearl TV tower, Shanghai wildlife park, Shanghai changfeng ocean world, madame tussauds Shanghai science and technology museum, Shanghai, chongming dongping national forest park, wuxi lingshan Buddha. Continue reading

Top SEO agency in China

Top SEO agency in China

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