Top SEO agency in China

Top SEO agency in China

SEO in China is usefull why ?

Do you know professionnels in SEO, I mean “experts”?.

Professional SEO Services in China by experts.

Search engine optimization is essential for every e -commerce and nearly all B2B companies. It helps you to generate leads and sales by ranking your site based on keywords that are important to your sales or generate leads .

SEO is at the heart of everything we do here at CES. Online success is not a one-time effort. Only work continues you will create a successful online business . We are drivers for digital success , as we have been for many clients , large and small .
Google / Baidu / soso  these are their mother tongues

Performing  with my SEO business intelligence software , I came across an article with the top 10 agencies in the Chinese web Search: Top 5 SEO agencies in China

Top SEO agencies in China

I thought it would be interesting to write an article about offers these local national agencies / offer . Before looking at their offerings , I thought only 80% , the Chinese agencies would essentially SEA because of the difficulties to be positioned on the first page of Baidu ( sponsored links , subdomains him , etc. . ) And well … not the best agency in the ranking ( ) puts quite well before SEO offer.

Most agencies in this ranking are quite recent . The oldest dates from 2005 . In the top three , they were created between 2007 and 2008 (approximately 5-6 years old). To put it simply , I take offers Netconcepts China which seem to me quite representative of the Chinese market :

SEO China

1) Gentlemen Marketing Agency

They offer includes several comprehensive SEO traditional services : audits, on- page optimization , off- page optimization of HTML (structure, analysis, etc. ) code, optimizing mobile sites, etc. . .

They have a lot of nice articles, good quality example here :

But what is changing is that they also include the optimization of TaoBao (Chinese Amazon , e -commerce) applications, optimizing social networks (SMO) , Baidu optimization applications ( I guess that are subdomains as Baike , Tieba ( ?) ) of sev- gins , etc. .

So in the SEO offer, there is really everything I think. In the West , it would make the difference between all that is pure and search everything social networks and / or external their Web site.

2) netconcept‎ They offer includes conventional SEM services: strategy definition , landing pages , budget, etc. . but what struck me is the last line :

“SEO / SMO integration and optimization !”

What does it feel in this offer ?

SEM offers in China

Even for social networking , I can understand that we can make announcements like Facebook and Twitter, but for SEO , I think it is a benefit to share .

3- SMO package includes all optimizations can essentially on Weibo . It’s a shame because there are not that Weibo is used in China … but Renren , WeChat , Douban , etc. . are used too! But they are not mentioned .


Online Reputation offer includes a real time saver on the mark with optimizations titles SMO profiles, web pages , external links ( backlinks ) on popular sites, forums , blogs, etc. .

After having seen all these offers , I have the impression that Chinese agencies have very comprehensive offerings . So complete that some actions are a little off scope . For example, the SMO includes the SEA , or SEO included in the SEA .

5/ Them

In any case, after this study, I see clearly that the Chinese web agencies put much value their SEO offers compared to other benefits, despite the difficulties to rank 1st page Baidu.

What do you think of this?

SEO on Google China ?

Naturally, most of them are working on Google , the king of search engines, to help you maximize your online exposure and attract traffic to your website. There is no certification for SEO, but we are Google Adwords, which should reassure you of our professionalism Certified Partner .

We also focus on Baidu. As you know , we are based in Beijing, not far from the offices of Baidu. We work a lot on the Chinese market and that is why we have developed key SEO services for Baidu in both simplified and traditional Chinese characters.

What we do : better rankings ?

We improve your ranking on search engines and beat your competitors to attract the maximum number of targeted visitors to your site. We work both on-site optimization and off-site optimization ( link building ) to improve your positions. The goal is of course to increase the number of leads and sales and also improve your brand image. We appreciate the KPIs that are important to you.

How you need to work : Audit / onsite / offsite ?

you should start with an audit, which is to verify the strengths and weaknesses of your website.

Competition : check your competitors , conduct keyword research to find targeted keywords and build a strategy to get you top rankings . At the end , you have a pdf file with everything you need to know to plan a killer. Then we put our plan into action …

need to be improved ?

improve onsite optimization :

  • HTML tags ,
  • document structures ,
  • titles,
  • meta descriptions ,
  • file names ,
  • texts internal anchor ,
  • the speed of loading JavaScript ,
  • robots.txt links, sitemap ,
  • URL with automatic generation of keywords and 404 problems,

Unlike most consulting firms , we will not just tell you what to do – we really do! We had qualified for SEO who know how to manage changes developers. We are not a consulting firm – instead , we deliver results.

We are working on building your link. We define how to attract links you need , but we also post these links, ask targeted for the exchange and put the right keywords in the right blogs and directories sites. This part of the work is long and difficult, but it is essential for online success .

The first thing you get is checking that details everything you need to know about the exhibition and the behavior of your website and that of your competitors .
At the end of each month you will receive a report, with details about what we did, what we will do next and how your website performs online. This view lets you easily set to see how we improve your website.
There is also a permanent direct communication with SEO professionals to discuss any matter concerning your site.

Face to face, telephone, email or Skype calls – we strive to stay in control .

what is important is to have native speakers working in their mother tongue in your target markets . This means Chinese for China, French for France , UK English for the UK and Spanish for Spain etc. you know that to execute a perfect SEO strategy , experts must understand perfectly the market and that is why each of our SEO professionals only works with his / her mother tongue.

You can access our software to check your rankings and those of your competitors , at any time, from any device and in your own language. Check your target keywords are in Chinese on Baidu with English interface or check how your keywords are targeted on Russian Yandex with an interface in Spanish. It’s easy, convenient , accurate and absolutely vital.

Contact us now for more information on our services, we will be more than happy to give you all the information you need .

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