2013 China popular scenic spot

2013 China popular scenic spot

Over the past 2013, ranking lists most travel. Donkey mother travel network released “2013 year China popular scenic spot” list, the list according to the east China, north China, south China, southwest and central China region segmentation.

Data show that the ass mother travel network as fathers of scenic spot ticket reservation, number, number of tickets in cooperation, sales scale, user experience, and other dimensions has maintained the leading position._Jessy said.

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East China top 10 hot scenic spot

Shanghai happy valley, changzhou China dinosaur park, rotten apple park, the Oriental pearl TV tower, Shanghai wildlife park, Shanghai changfeng ocean world, madame tussauds Shanghai science and technology museum, Shanghai, chongming dongping national forest park, wuxi lingshan Buddha.

Shanghai as first-line cities, with its big city unique charm in line with international standards, become the nation’s most popular tourist destinations. Among them, the Shanghai happy valley with its exciting amusement equipment, match well of Chinese and western theme of multicultural experience and rich and colorful activities to attract a large number of visitors, popular scenic spot in eastern China in the list ranked in the first place.

Followed by changzhou China dinosaur park, it will be a dinosaur culture and clever union park rides, shows, popular science, entertainment, leisure and participatory performance and an organic whole, enjoy the “Oriental Jurassic” reputation. Park set up the “third 4 d roller coaster in the world”, brought unprecedented stimulus challenges, attract many tourists traveled to.

Popular scenic spots in east China’s third rotten apple garden as a whole high-tech indoor parent-child mixing fit-out of the world’s leading high-tech interactive experience. Activities throughout the year, not only successfully attracted many tourists parent-child family, also be the good place, many young people recall childhood dreams become, old and young in the pleasure of a new theme park.

Popular scenic area in north China top 10

Beijing happy valley, happy valley in tianjin, Beijing’s Palace Museum, Beijing royal royal river sightseeing tour, hot springs, a wildlife park in daxing district, Beijing is good temperature is shuicheng, Beijing jiuhua spa, joy the world flower grand view garden, Beijing water cube.

In addition to the established paradise brand Beijing happy valley crowned to popular scenic area in north China, from oct group, is another popular scenic spot – tianjin happy valley also join the top ranks, the theme park has 12 in China, Asia and even the world’s leading top recreation experience, and through the flexible conversion venues, clever overcome the climate of the northern winter cold, summer heat, let visitors can experience the waves surging, the flood all the year round thread of world-class water fun feast. Rides for customers of all ages, become the second popular scenic spot in north China this year.

As emperor ancient capital of Beijing, the Palace Museum, the royal royal river scenic spot with its unique culture in ancient China attracts visitors from all over the country. Especially in autumn and winter, hot spring swimming tourists travel in north China has become a popular choice, two hot spring scenic spot on the list. Such as, ranked sixth in the list of hot spring in Beijing is good after the guinness headquarters approval a few days ago, “the world’s largest indoor hot spring” certification. High fluoride type mineral spring water, fluorine, iron, manganese, metasilicate mineral content is rich, water quality and satiny, has a very high value of physical therapy care.

Popular scenic spot in southern China top 10:

Guangzhou chime-long tourist resort, Hong Kong Disneyland, shenzhen oct east, WuZhiZhouDao, Hong Kong Ocean Park, yalong bay, hainan tropical paradise forest park ah norda joy rain forest scenic spot, the neilingding island, south ShanSi, chimep-long crocodile park.

Guangzhou chime-long tourist resort with wildlife park, water park, happy world, big international circus, and many other “member”, is a concentration of amusement interest, parade, ecological leisure, catering in a body’s comprehensive amusement places, is to have the international advanced technology and management level of super large tour scenic spot of the world’s top theme. At the same time, as is suitable for all ages of intergenerational amusement park, attracted a large number of tourists, parents and children among the popular scenic spot in southern China first.

WuZhiZhouDao, yalong bay tropical paradise forest park, ah norda joy forest scenic area and outside the neilingding island, as the representative of the class features island scenic area is known for its fine warm sunshine, beach, the white waves every year to attract a large number of tourists to the leisure vacation, loosen body and mind, ranked list, fourth, sixth, seventh and eighth.

Popular scenic spot in southwest China top 10:

Chengdu giant panda breeding research base, du fu thatched cottage museum, jiuzhaigou scenic area, shu, XiLing snow mountain scenic area, chengdu are green wind YaYun, chongqing two rivers and a cruise ship, emei mountain red beads mountain hot springs, never put off till tomorrow what you can hit lixian tent, wulong forest XianNvShan national forest park.

Chengdu panda breeding research base is to save the endangered species of wild animals and to build a world level panda panda breeding research institutions, the set of natural mountain scenery and beautiful artificial landscape as a whole, the imitation of wild environment construction is suitable for giant panda and a variety of rare wild animals breeding of the ecological environment. More than 20 years of captivity here with pandas and red pandas, black-necked cranes, crane and other rare animals. Visitors immersive feeling of the national treasure panda panda, become the year’s most popular scenic spot in southwest China.

Jiuzhaigou, emei mountain and other traditional hot scenic spots still also become popular in southwest China this year, ranked third and 8.

Central China top 10 hot scenic spot:

Wuhan happy valley, longmen grottoes scenic spot, zhuzhou, happy world, mulan tianchi, wuhan haichang polar ocean world, zhangjiajie tianmen mountain, yuntai mountain scenic area, the yellow crane tower park, huanglong hole tourist area, tianmen fox spirit – new bang chopping firewood.

Wuhan happy valley as the only large-scale cultural theme park in central China, the world first-class amusement equipment, rich and colorful performance project, the theme of the colorful cultural festivals in one. “Fashion, dynamic, passion” wuhan happy valley to the diversity of the modern urban population with pleasure and leisure of urban entertainment products, become a tourist hot in central China.

Zhuzhou fant happy world science experience as the biggest characteristic, is the largest theme park, the fourth generation is known as “the Oriental dream park”, by flying over the limit, star exploration, crisis of dinosaurs, and the light of life, conch bay, escape from the dinosaur island, mount Vesuvius, serial, the exposition, bolide, adventure parks, such as a dozen theme of the project area, the vast majority of projects for young and old, as in central China’s third largest tourist hot spots.


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