China Taishan Travel

China Taishan Travel

Tarzan , also known Daishan , Zong , Daiyue , Dongyue , Taiyue etc. in the center of Shandong Province, stretching between Tai’an, Jinan and Zibo three cities , just over 200 km, 50 km north-south width. Yuhuangding peaks in Tai’an City , North , altitude 1545 meters .

China Taishan

China Taishan

Wang Tai Yellow in Shandong sea west lapel to pull the Yellow River , the hometown of Confucius and Mencius before , back on the Jinan Springs to potential Babel Xiongzhi in China Oriental to the famous five mountains galore Domina past and present , can be considered as a symbol of the spirit of the Chinese nation , China history and culture in miniature. National Key scenic spots , world heritage , nature and Kulturerbeals one of the financial world famous.

Taishan scenic peaks as the center, was radial distribution , after thousands of years of protection and construction , China’s famous mountain has become in the name : Mixture of natural and cultural landscapes. Tarzan moved up form on Qilu hill , towering peaks , steep mountains rising in the midst of stacked , a ” list of small hills ” and ” lace bow Dai, ” the dynamics Gaokuang . Tarzan Duosong Bo , the more his solemn , majestic , lush, next Xiquan , so no shortage of scenery and persistent. Misty clouds change so that it has a bit of mystery and esoteric. Ten natural wonders like the rising sun, clouds jade plate , Sunset Sunset Yellow gold belt , foot it both beautiful area , quiet secluded location , open desert areas, there are illusory wonderful area , deep Austrian region of pine and stone dock, on the loose absolutely exceptional natural Taoyuan ten home, Yeongam landscape, etc. , just like a natural landscape volumes ; report cultural landscape , the layout of the first focus of social Jide mountain in the southwestern city of Thailand , Artemisia Hill Yuhuangding days , the formation of ” hell “, ” earth ” , ” sky ” triple room. Dai Temple is the axis of the main building on the hill Thai city , before communicating Day Street , followed by winding mountain path, a mountain one . So step by step climb better, but the “world” in the “heaven on time.”

The Taishan Scenic Area , there are peaks 156 , 138 Cliff Ridge, name – hole 72 , 72 rocks , valleys 130 , waterfall pool 64, 72 famous springs , ancient trees , millions of trees , ancient ruins 42 Division 13 ancient tombs , ancient buildings 58 1239 stele , Cliff Stein 1277 , 14 grotto , modern Heritage 12 thousand pieces of cultural relics . What Chengziya place , Four Gates Pagoda, Dawenkou sites Lingyansi , Dai Temple, Qianfoya grotto, Dragon and Tiger Pagodas , nine – tower , Feng grave was announced by the State Council as a national key cultural relics protection units .

Today’s Tarzan , magnificent , majestic stalwart, has a long history , profound , Zoran are in the East, which the elegance of ancient civilizations.

” Five Sacred Mountains of the first” Tarzan, is a symbol of the Chinese nation is the epitome of splendid oriental culture, is the food of the earth “Heaven” idea. 1987 was included in the World Natural Heritage List. Taishan since ancient times was considered a boat to consolidate stable regime , national prosperity , a symbol of national unity , dynasties who Kaiser, the first priority is to worship Tarzan , Tarzan has thus become the only emperor received the People’s Republic of Fengshan mountains. Both the Emperor , or celebrity guru, have the utmost admiration for Tarzan . Confucius , ” Goldenthal mountains and small world ” for the elephants , Du Fu also sing from the ongoing famous ” would be extremely Ling , list of small hills , be ! ”

Best time to visit

April to November of each year for the best airtime. Since the concept of the best day in the fall, the air is crisp days. Sometimes the weather is good you can also see the Yellow River . The snow and rain are the wonders of the times out of time. You are likely to see the wonders of the sea of clouds, rather Tarzan can be seen by stunning views of snow.


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