Shanghai alley style – Tianzifang

Shanghai alley style – Tianzifang

Tianzifang is the fashion industry landmark initiatives to gather specific area of ​​Shanghai Shikumen construction group formed after the reconstruction, but also many of the artist’s initiatives office base, many people tend to Tianzifang called “new heavens and earth II . ” In fact, apart from the same fashion at the time, she and the heavens and the earth with many different place. Taikang Road settled artwork, crafts firm has more than 40, settled in office, has more than 20 pre-chamber, the government set up the stage, singing the company.



Tianzifang is Shanghai Taikang Road Art Street Street landmark, sculpture decorative ribbon at the top of the five continents and four oceans will connect artists together. Tianzifang exhibited more to many people is that Shanghai cordial, warm warm messy side. As long as you take a walk on the beach in this article are the most flavor alley, it is not difficult to understand the experience Tianzifang distinctiveness of personality.

Walking in Tianzifang, weaving through the difficult areas like exploring the alley, a unique style shops and art workshops so carelessly jump between your seeing something imaginary line. Place to get handicrafts, as well as many well-known initiatives Shanghai office from the teahouse, open-air restaurants, outdoor cafes, art galleries, home, you can say all-inclusive. ”

Tianzifang how to address the Tianzifang: Luwan District, Shanghai, Lane 210 Taikang Road

How to’s Tianzifang Tianzifang traffic

Bus: 17,236,304 Jianguo Road next to Ruijin

Metro: Metro Line 9 Rou Bei, Dapuqiao Road Station and get off at Exit 1. Walk 5 min.


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