Shanghai Attractions Xintiandi

Huaihai Road is located in the southeastern Huangbeinanlu to Madang Road West, north along the Taicang Road, south of Zizhong Road. Xintiandi divided to preserve old buildings in the South and North in two parts, the main building of the modern South, Nordland Shikumen .



Shanghai Xintiandi is a historical and cultural features , the integration of Chinese and Western city tourist attractions, it is a sign of modern architecture in Shanghai Shikumen building city -based, for the first time the Shikumen changed original residential function due to its innovative business operating functions , this piece reflects the history and culture of Shanghai old house in a number of international standards for dining, shopping , entertainment and other features fashion, leisure and cultural and entertainment center turns .

Go Xintiandi , when the clock back , as in the twentieth century , two 1930 Shanghai, but step by step in the interior of each building , the very modern and stylish, the new world to experience the unique concept , which in combination with organic – Patchwork cleverly arranged to form a first Shanghai Symphony , so that visitors from abroad a unique taste of Shanghai culture.

Xintiandi , its modern silhouette and the inner surface of history and culture, as well as international business content , so that the elderly , it is in the new world very nostalgic feeling that young people of fashion would think , feel in the new world of foreigners , it is “China” , Chinese people very Western style , and soon became the cultural taste of Shanghai casual consumer websites .

Today , Shanghai Xintiandi has become a new landmark.


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