Beijing distinctive four coffees

Beijing distinctive four coffees
# 1 show crown

Imperial College in the road, factory Alley Bar category went you can see the crown show. Wang boss is a fan of old furniture , so that the store would have had particularly comfortable to sit on old chairs. Each file is an old carved window frames, decorative wall Blendeder is an old bed , warm coal stove fire, and even the roofs are painted on the flight Dunhuang. It is said that foreign tourists come here to be excited instead of screaming.

Address: No. 25 , Imperial College Street, Chaoyang District


Coffee # 2 Foot

Coffee is hidden in the foot and the foot of the tower bell tower in Beijing , logical, because coffee is the name of the Lord. In sunny afternoon, sitting on a wooden chair with colorful pillows , lace on the screens , the subtle scent of wild chrysanthemum fresh , the owner personally enjoy making coffee , you can make your own beans to choose such , the traditional coffee personally , a small town Type a good feeling and the simplicity of rural life, breath, feeling , romantic and lazy.


# 3 Twelve Oaks Café

Twelve Oaks Lane not eat , the coffee is on the menu , which is very affordable in addition to wine , and the price , but also the most expensive mocha $ 22 . The cocktails were the most common product, so nothing special, decorated like everywhere as simple and rustic . Lemon -flavored tea pot, you get beautiful lodge to use options almost transparent white porcelain. Then be able to sit near the window , you can safely in an ear affected afternoon business world play of sound.


Address: 19 Main Street, East Gate of Beijing Normal University

# 4 New Iceland coffee

Reason Niijima coffee is transparent and bright, innovative wall painting that will blow culture as elegant as the wind . Decorated, comfortable and elegant service and attentive parents , creating a quiet space-time life. Business functions , and complimentary Internet access, additional on behalf of the coffee services to clients , design , recreation, food, negotiations , mobile office space between office and home good.


Address: 13 South Road, Haidian building


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