The Old Town of Lijiang scenic spot

The Old Town of Lijiang scenic spot

Old streets

Lijiang street built by the mountain, water flow and design, delicate texture, with red breccia (marble stone paved, the rainy season) not muddy, never dry fly ash, stone patterns of natural and elegant, delicate texture, and the whole city environment. Square Street is one of about 4000 square meters of the trapezoid small square.

Old streets

Old streets

Ancient bridge

In the Old Town of Lijiang District of Yu River, across the 354 bridges, its density is 93 per square kilometer. Form of bridges (as), stone bridge, stone bridge, bridge etc.. There are more famous lock Chui bridge, Dashiqiao bridge, South Bridge, thousands, saddle bridge, Renshou bridge, were built in the Ming and Qing dynasties.

The ancient city of Dashiqiao is the first bridge, located in the Square Street eastbound 100 meters, built by the Ming Dynasty chieftain mu, because under the bridge in the river can see Jade Dragon Snow Mountain reflection, also known as Yingxue bridge. The bridge is a double hole stone arch bridge, board rock build arch, bridge 10 meters long, 4 meters wide bridge, bridge deck with traditional streaky stone, gentle slope, convenient cross-strait exchanges.

Wood house

The wooden house was formerly the Lijiang hereditary wood’s office, “prepare to yuan, Sheng in the Ming dynasty”. After the war turmoil, the spring of 1998 reconstruction, and the establishment of the city museum in the house.

Wufeng building

Wufeng building is located in the north of Black dragon Pool Park, built in 1601, was released in 1983 for the Yunnan provincial key cultural relics protection units. The building is 20 meters tall, with three fold, Wu Dan octagonal, as layer three burden structure research, based in Asia “, a total of 24 cornices, like five Phoenix wings to instrument, named five Phoenix tower.


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