Shanghai Features Bar Street

Shanghai Features Bar Street


Shanghai’s largest Bar Street . On two or three years in the road, dotted with great style bar , the lights dim , peacefulness . Because the area close to the consulate abroad , so here faction exotic, business is booming .

bar street

Maoming Road

Shanghai ‘s most exciting night of her , the lanterns , the city of the most active molecules from their Scriptorium merged into the streets out of the surging tide gone without a trace . So , from north of Yongjia Road, just a lack of kilometers on Maoming Road , the beautiful part of the night began to show …… Shanghai Hengshan compared , in fact, less than one in this bar street is quiet , the Shanghai dialect is ” demon , ” the lights are dim even shy . In this area in the former French Concession belong , has retained a romantic atmosphere from the French ……

Shanghai emerging Bar Street – Julu Road

Julu Road , after two years in Hengshan , Yandang become a very distinctive Shanghai Bar Street . The same night , but at least some of Julu Road phony kind of noble, more of a real human . As long as you have the courage to let yourself relax completely , and then be able to say a few simple English, it is more suitable to go there .

The Bund

Night of nostalgia and ornamental River , is the subject of this bar street . Peace Hotel Old Jazz Bar , Huaxia Bank M bar the top of the seventh floor , near the Seine Union bar and 1861 bar, for these two themes set a good tone.

Duolun Road

Duolun Road has always been a busy day , deserted in the evening , to sit down and mostly familiar faces . Crushing and the old cobblestone road on both sides of the building reminds people to some of the past ” ten foreign market ,” shook the year is not yet a go . So the story was changed to another narrative style , 1920 Cafe, Old Film Cafe, Northanger Jiakang , only the names of these bars can think of many stories .

Fuxing Park

Where a total of only three clubs , park97, the official residence of the till , but among themselves they form a good interaction . park97 almost become the default place for the weekend , senior Shanghai nightlife animals , the official residence of Hong Kong backgrounds often make here a glimpse of the stars of the figure. Wait until both sides are tired, till , but only five minutes walk away.


1. Bar Price : Per capita consumption is generally between 50-60 dollars, unless you have a special appetite ; higher hotel bar prices, the highest Pu Jin Mao Tower, Diba, ticket is 100 yuan ; 54-story building
Cafes, a cup of coffee 88.
2 .Bar features : both Chinese and Western food, both restaurants feature. Have a variety of books, some bars you can see Taiwanese newspaper the day before , ” United Daily News” , “China Times .”
3. Hours : noon to start business in general , closing time is 2:00 am , then soak for an hour you can be in general . Individual bar 16:00-17:00 rest.


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