China ‘s top ten best tourist city environment

China ‘s top ten best tourist city environment

1 Dalian


Dalian City is located in the east coast of the Eurasian continent , the southernmost tip of the Liaodong Peninsula in northeast China , east Yellow Sea , west of the Bohai Sea , the South and the Shandong Peninsula across the sea , north of the vast northeastern plains.

Maritime gateway to the northeast, north, east and around the world , is an important port , trade, industry and tourism city. Hilly region much less lowland plains , the entire terrain from north to south , north south width narrower ; terrain from the central axis to the southeast and the northwest portion of both sides of the Yellow Sea and tilt, long and slow side facing the Yellow Sea .

Dalian environmental infrastructure among the best in the whole of China , the air quality is very good , the streets clean, on the verge of the sea , is the ideal place to live.

2 Yantai

Yantai is located in central Shandong Peninsula, the mountains and the sea and pleasant weather, winter cold , summer heat , Weihai, east , west and Qingdao, adjacent to the north Bohai Sea , Yellow Sea , and the Liaodong Peninsula confrontation with Dalian across phase Wang , together forming a guard maritime gateway to the capital Beijing .

October 3, 2005 , Yantai United Nations Habitat Award medals. A total of six projects in the world that year the United Nations Habitat Award, the only award in China Yantai city . This is another award Yantai after 2003 was China Habitat Environment Prize 2005 by the China Habitat Environment Prize , obtained in the field of human settlements .

3 Lianyungang

Classic, ” Journey to the West ” description under huaguoshan have a ” hazy scattered color , sun flare ” harbor mountain – this is today’s Lianyungang City . Lianyungang is known as ” the town of Huai giant mouth ,” said a ” Eurasian Continental Bridge” oriental bridgehead and coastal open cities in China , the Chinese government has been identified as an emerging port city in east China . Lianyungang long , wide , secluded coast, summer, resort resort. Bathing , oar boat, walking, fishing , and both should be . Here is rich in cultural relics , beautiful natural scenery, with “sea , ancient , god, quiet, odd , Stephen” six tourist attractions .

4 Suzhou

Suzhou is located in the middle of the Yangtze River Delta , east to Shanghai, south of Zhejiang , West Taihu Lake , north of the Yangtze River. Mild climate , fertile land , abundant, since ancient times known as ” paradise on earth .”

Suzhou Jiangnan town is a model , which has a fairly representative Kunshan Zhouzhuang, Jinxi , Wuzhong Mudu , Lu Zhi , Wujiang Tongli . The town completely , heavily preserved Ming and Qing dynasties of the old house , maintaining the original rustic style, water features , customs and pastoral scenery .

5 North

Beihai in southern Guangxi province , close to the northern Gulf , surrounded by the sea , there are WZ, sun two islands, exempted the city, Silver Sea area, and Hepu County Tieshangang 3 Zone 1 counties, is a garden -style port city .

North Sea biggest feature is highlight a ” sea” , the sea , beaches , islands, seafood , marine treasures, marine sports , marine culture are valuable resources in the North Sea . Beihai Silver Beach due to ” long flat beach , fine white sand , clean water , soft waves , no sharks ” and known as ” China Beach .”

6 Sanya

Sanya is located in the southernmost Hainan Province , seasons like summer flowers . Known as the “Oriental Hawaii” . Environment is extremely unique , mountains, sea, river three kinds of natural beauty concentrated in one place , constitutes a unique natural landscape of Sanya City . The most suitable leisure . Beautiful urban environment , navy , white sand , fine, Lang Ping , come here, you can see the clouds, view of the sea , on the beach leisurely break.

7 Haikou

In tropical coastal , showing the diversity of tropical resources , rich in natural features seaside scenery landscape. Both tropical coastal city , is the natural scenery tourist cities , natural beauty is the main aesthetic characteristics of a tropical coastal city , crystal clear waters , sunshine , fresh air and pleasant environment Jiejing posed , as well as constitute a tropical sky and sea views natural beauty of the coastal city of tone , giving the best aesthetic enjoyment. The characteristics of both the United States and the social , coastal sunbathing , sea bathing and various water sports are more than a cluster of social life in general tours of the city, more attractive and artistic beauty of feature , this feature through the art of architecture , landscape art , sculptures , decorative arts and crafts to reflect.

8 Zhuhai

Zhuhai City , Guangdong Province in southern China , is a famous seaside garden city , East connected with Hong Kong waters , south of Macau land phase, one of China’s earliest Special Economic Zones established . State District has jurisdiction over Hong Zhuhai Doumen District , Golden Bay , the total area of ​​7660 square kilometers of land and sea , of which 690 km of coastline , with 146 islands , the ” 100 Island City ” reputation.

Zhuhai mountains and the sea , mild climate, beautiful scenery , convenient transportation facilities, improve the investment environment , is a national ” health city “, ” garden city “, ” Environmental Protection Model ” and ” tourist city .”

9. Zhanjiang

Most of the land in Zhanjiang peninsula and islands, lying north to south . Coastline , clouds harbor , harbor very rich in resources . Which is located in the northeastern part of Zhanjiang Leizhou Peninsula Hong Kong is blessed with a natural harbor , the location of their condition , and indeed the world’s most famous harbor comparable to the development of world-class international port . This is the most important advantage of Zhanjiang resources .

10 Guilin

Guilin is a world famous scenic city and the historical and cultural city, has a reputation for heaven ‘s landscape . Domestic mild climate , abundant rainfall, long frost , adequate light, rich in calories , long winter and short summer , with four distinct seasons and basically the same quarter of rain and heat , weather conditions are favorable.


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