Wangfujing Cathedral , the most romantic places to kiss

Wangfujing Cathedral , the most romantic places to kiss

Wangfujing Cathedral , as long as the colorful lights of the night to walk around the streets , you know how full the reasons so evaluation of the !

Wangfujing Catholic Church , one of Beijing’s four Roman Catholic Church. After the fence surrounding the mysterious original church was demolished , the European gray spire building more revealing its ancient and mysterious , new paved plaza surrounded by greenery in front of a more full-bodied human color . Both sides of the square in front of the church with seating available for rest. On the south side of the church is the largest green space Wangfujing Street , a flower , shrub , tree planting gardens stereo . Mainly due to the rose , it has a nice name – Rose Garden . From the rose garden of an artificial spring water flowing , because according to layered down the south side of the square , called ” stacked spring .” Place the whole church is more than one meter above the ground , making it even more special. It is said that due to the design exactly as Western Catholic Church , under the rose garden and a wine cellar.


Beijing Wangfujing Church is a Roman architectural style of the church, is a model of communion and Western architectural styles . While living downtown, but did not reduce its holy temperament. During the holiday season sometimes inadvertently walked from the front of the hall , sounding electric piano and wind choir singing like the sun will be coming out from inside, rippling in the winter air.

Ancient Arabs think kissing can wake up each other’s soul. In this solemn romantic place to take a good affectionate kiss , will be able to recover most of those most pure natural sweet moved.


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