China Gulangyu Tourism

China Gulangyu Tourism

Xiamen is located in the southwest corner of Gulangyu , Xiamen City, separated by only a 600 meters wide Lujiang , ferry 5 minutes .

The island pleasant climate year-round spring , no madding crowd , there are flowers, known as “Sea Garden ” reputation.



Kojima many well preserved buildings of various architectural styles and foreign , cornices traditional Chinese temples , have small houses in Japan , Western countries have consulates of the original 19th-century European style , the ” World Architecture Exposition “reputation.

Gulangyu or music talent, piano has the highest density in the country , they have a reputation , ” Piano Island “, ” Music of the township .”

Gulangyu formerly quiet island, the island honest, presented by the slow life and little fresh to attract foreign tourists.

The main tourist attractions are the Sunlight Rock , Shu Zhuang Garden , Haoyue Park , Yu Garden , Gulang stone, Gulangyu Piano Museum , Zheng Chenggong Memorial Hall, Xiamen Underwater World and natural beach, Hoi structure and so on. Financial history, the humanities and the natural landscape in one , as a national scenic area, Fujian ” Top Ten” Scenic first.

Gulangyu is the ” cradle of musicians ” walk in every corner of the trail , you will hear the sweet sound of the piano from time to time , melodious violin , guitar brisk , touching beautiful voice , to the beat of the waves , the environment particularly fascinating .

Gulangyu night seemed quiet and elegant . Especially after the night construction, on behalf of the natural scene Sunlight Rock , representing the gossip Floor exotic architectural style , representing the shape of the piano music of the island and stands in the waiting hall of the overlying rock tripod statue of Zheng Chenggong , the colored lights shine down transparent brightly lit , shiny . In particular there are several laser rays across Lujiang sea and air , changing swaying , dazzling.


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