Linzhi – god place to live

Linzhi – god place to live

People know Tibet Qomolangma know , know grassland in northern Tibet , the Himalayan know , but many people do not know Tibet there is a beautiful place hidden in purdah did not know the person , it is known as ” southern Tibet “.


In eastern Tibet Linzhi , only 2900 meters above sea level , vast woodlands , flower ocean , from the alpine zone growth of snow lotus, the rich subtropical banana , palm, abundant natural resources, natural beauty preserved. The scenery here is very different from other parts of Tibet , school forest clouds scenery. Blue sky and white clouds , glaciers lining forests, snow-capped mountains reflected Avon , was outstanding .

March and April each year , Tibet’s Nyingchi cold entirely, but the peach was as drunk camel competing Xia Fei Yun Yan bucket .

Pink peach, Bang Bao imposing snow-capped mountains in the arms of an infinite lovely . Enchanting peach, silhouetted against the blue sky , beautiful. Nyingchi near Parsons measures from the lake , Jiuzhaigou reputation in Tibet , Tibetan deity is the lake , such as the shape of the lake set in mountains and canyons of the new moon , crystal clear water , surrounded by snow-capped mountains reflected where the gull, floating crane lake , visible and transparent lake fish such as weaving, natural taste discontented . Every spring, around the lake of flowers in full bloom, and the reflection of the lake array peaks , scenic extreme.

Xiamen and Gulangyu specialty shops

A super-cheap grocery store:

Xiamen city, near Zhongshan roadside bar called Zhenbang Road, No. 63, is the home worth Tao Tao grocery store. I bought three adorable bottles (can flower arrangement, put candy, and everything you want to put something), 3 yuan; 4 saucer painted with the European country style (you can decorate your home kitchen and living room), 3 million. There are many old but very interesting groceries, if you can take are to buy that home.

A very cute crafts store:

Gulangyu Quanzhou Road 83, the owner is a student costume department, their own hand-sewn puppets, various shapes, large and small, adorable, cats, fish, heart, hands, can be a pin, can be a pendant, short ruthless shall be one to one, but everything is not repeated. Expensive, 9-13 per month, fixed price, there are more expensive but more fun puppets. This wooden fridge magnet 4 yuan a, buy a batch of home, a friend of scraped immediately.

A very nostalgic stationery

Gulangyu is also a leader in the road, near the Royal BBC private bakeries (leading Road 143), not far from a similar small square in the corner, there is a humble stationery, very old, almost missed. But I spent in the store price of $ 2 each, bought a seven very fun plastic dolls, like the Seven Dwarfs shape, believe not easily be found elsewhere. You can go to Tao Tao.


The BBC had to go to a private Royal Bakery

Gulangyu leading Road 143, is every tourist should go on the island where the store owner personally do Mom and Dad Royal cake, they are being snapped up Gulangyu pie can not match, exactly how good, can themselves eat one. This other stuff is also very good, the environment is very petty, free can read, listen to music, the Internet, in a daze, funny cat, pass all the time.

Taiwan has become the largest inbound tourists Anhui

Taiwan has become the largest inbound tourists Anhui : accounting for nearly 20%

In the first quarter , the number of Taiwanese immigrants to reach 160,600 Anhui Tourism passengers, an increase of 0.47% . In recent years, Taiwan has become Anhui ‘s largest inbound tourism market , accounting for nearly 20 percent of inbound tourists .

anhui travel

Anhui Tourism Bureau official told reporters at the market , Taiwanese travel to Anhui Wannan mainly concentrated in areas such as Huangshan , Jiuhua Mountain and the ancient villages and other places. ” But now other tourist attractions are also gradually being compatriots of all ages, such as represented in Palgongsan Anhui Huainan and other places .”

According to reports, this year’s focus on the development of tourism in Anhui targets are inbound tourists 4,330,000 passengers, an increase of 12% , total tourism income of 343 billion yuan . The official said: ” We cooperate with Taiwan companies , media , launched a four classic tourist routes .”

He referred to the ” four classic tourist routes ” in the May 7 Taipei tourism promotion conference held in Anhui has been launched . Include : World Heritage Classic Tour ; Anhui cultural history tours ; Wanbei folk characteristics trip ; pursue civilian whereabouts trip.

Things to do in Zhoushan Islands

Things to do in Zhoushan Islands

Zhoushan Islands , a chain of emerald beads scattered on the ocean in the East China Sea , with tysiącamikultury Buddhist mountain and sea landscape , folklore and historical and cultural landscape of the island, most fascinating is the great waves of the desert, the strange mixture of rock caves , the magnificent temple monastery elegant , clean spacious Sands beach, a forest of masts night ten thousand fishing, fishing pristine rich style , provide a unique marine tourism resources of the island, explore the world’s attention , season summer .


Liuheng pleasure trip to the main island paradise , the biggest feature is the experience of fishermen living on hand to capture the flavor of the seafood. The main attractions hanging island , leading to strokes and so on.

Zhoushan Islands

Zhoushan Islands

Peach Blossom Island in Zhoushan

Peach Blossom Island is located in the East Sea , surrounded by good weather, hilly and undulating sea of ​​clouds, unique landscape , is the perfect place for a holiday.

Putuo Mountain

Putuo Mountain, surrounded by the sea , beautiful scenery , unique Phantom , known as the ” first world clean . ” Rocks , trees , rocks carved pagoda, gentle waves , are full of the Buddhist secret.