Things to do in Zhoushan Islands

Things to do in Zhoushan Islands

Zhoushan Islands , a chain of emerald beads scattered on the ocean in the East China Sea , with tysiącamikultury Buddhist mountain and sea landscape , folklore and historical and cultural landscape of the island, most fascinating is the great waves of the desert, the strange mixture of rock caves , the magnificent temple monastery elegant , clean spacious Sands beach, a forest of masts night ten thousand fishing, fishing pristine rich style , provide a unique marine tourism resources of the island, explore the world’s attention , season summer .


Liuheng pleasure trip to the main island paradise , the biggest feature is the experience of fishermen living on hand to capture the flavor of the seafood. The main attractions hanging island , leading to strokes and so on.

Zhoushan Islands

Zhoushan Islands

Peach Blossom Island in Zhoushan

Peach Blossom Island is located in the East Sea , surrounded by good weather, hilly and undulating sea of ​​clouds, unique landscape , is the perfect place for a holiday.

Putuo Mountain

Putuo Mountain, surrounded by the sea , beautiful scenery , unique Phantom , known as the ” first world clean . ” Rocks , trees , rocks carved pagoda, gentle waves , are full of the Buddhist secret.


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