Taiwan has become the largest inbound tourists Anhui

Taiwan has become the largest inbound tourists Anhui : accounting for nearly 20%

In the first quarter , the number of Taiwanese immigrants to reach 160,600 Anhui Tourism passengers, an increase of 0.47% . In recent years, Taiwan has become Anhui ‘s largest inbound tourism market , accounting for nearly 20 percent of inbound tourists .

anhui travel

Anhui Tourism Bureau official told reporters at the market , Taiwanese travel to Anhui Wannan mainly concentrated in areas such as Huangshan , Jiuhua Mountain and the ancient villages and other places. ” But now other tourist attractions are also gradually being compatriots of all ages, such as represented in Palgongsan Anhui Huainan and other places .”

According to reports, this year’s focus on the development of tourism in Anhui targets are inbound tourists 4,330,000 passengers, an increase of 12% , total tourism income of 343 billion yuan . The official said: ” We cooperate with Taiwan companies , media , launched a four classic tourist routes .”

He referred to the ” four classic tourist routes ” in the May 7 Taipei tourism promotion conference held in Anhui has been launched . Include : World Heritage Classic Tour ; Anhui cultural history tours ; Wanbei folk characteristics trip ; pursue civilian whereabouts trip.



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