Xiamen and Gulangyu specialty shops

A super-cheap grocery store:

Xiamen city, near Zhongshan roadside bar called Zhenbang Road, No. 63, is the home worth Tao Tao grocery store. I bought three adorable bottles (can flower arrangement, put candy, and everything you want to put something), 3 yuan; 4 saucer painted with the European country style (you can decorate your home kitchen and living room), 3 million. There are many old but very interesting groceries, if you can take are to buy that home.

A very cute crafts store:

Gulangyu Quanzhou Road 83, the owner is a student costume department, their own hand-sewn puppets, various shapes, large and small, adorable, cats, fish, heart, hands, can be a pin, can be a pendant, short ruthless shall be one to one, but everything is not repeated. Expensive, 9-13 per month, fixed price, there are more expensive but more fun puppets. This wooden fridge magnet 4 yuan a, buy a batch of home, a friend of scraped immediately.

A very nostalgic stationery

Gulangyu is also a leader in the road, near the Royal BBC private bakeries (leading Road 143), not far from a similar small square in the corner, there is a humble stationery, very old, almost missed. But I spent in the store price of $ 2 each, bought a seven very fun plastic dolls, like the Seven Dwarfs shape, believe not easily be found elsewhere. You can go to Tao Tao.


The BBC had to go to a private Royal Bakery

Gulangyu leading Road 143, is every tourist should go on the island where the store owner personally do Mom and Dad Royal cake, they are being snapped up Gulangyu pie can not match, exactly how good, can themselves eat one. This other stuff is also very good, the environment is very petty, free can read, listen to music, the Internet, in a daze, funny cat, pass all the time.



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