Linzhi – god place to live

Linzhi – god place to live

People know Tibet Qomolangma know , know grassland in northern Tibet , the Himalayan know , but many people do not know Tibet there is a beautiful place hidden in purdah did not know the person , it is known as ” southern Tibet “.


In eastern Tibet Linzhi , only 2900 meters above sea level , vast woodlands , flower ocean , from the alpine zone growth of snow lotus, the rich subtropical banana , palm, abundant natural resources, natural beauty preserved. The scenery here is very different from other parts of Tibet , school forest clouds scenery. Blue sky and white clouds , glaciers lining forests, snow-capped mountains reflected Avon , was outstanding .

March and April each year , Tibet’s Nyingchi cold entirely, but the peach was as drunk camel competing Xia Fei Yun Yan bucket .

Pink peach, Bang Bao imposing snow-capped mountains in the arms of an infinite lovely . Enchanting peach, silhouetted against the blue sky , beautiful. Nyingchi near Parsons measures from the lake , Jiuzhaigou reputation in Tibet , Tibetan deity is the lake , such as the shape of the lake set in mountains and canyons of the new moon , crystal clear water , surrounded by snow-capped mountains reflected where the gull, floating crane lake , visible and transparent lake fish such as weaving, natural taste discontented . Every spring, around the lake of flowers in full bloom, and the reflection of the lake array peaks , scenic extreme.


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