Chinese exit visa consulate price list

Chinese exit visa consulate price list

Ctrip announced exit visas for Chinese tourists, “the consulate price list”, including the world’s Top 47 countries and regions, the minimum charge is $ 0 consular leaving users wonder.

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Reporters learned that this is the first of a visa, “the consulate price list”, covering almost the most popular outbound destination. Earlier charges of domestic visa agency did not inform the consulate price and the agency fee. Insiders said that when visitors visa agency quoted simply subtract the release of “consulate price”, the service fee is charged by the agency.

In this list, the reporter found that the visa fee rates charged by the country of destination for Chinese tourists vary, largely based on the complexity of the procedure and the travel distance is divided into several categories: the nearest Korean consulate price at 200 million, of which Okinawa individual tourist visas and consulates price is $ 0; countries in Southeast Asia are mostly cost 100-200 yuan; European countries are generally more than 500 yuan; United States is 1008 yuan.



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