15 tips you should know before have tourism in China

Explore China can shake even seasoned travelers, what you should know before a trip in China ?

China is a Huge Country

This is a huge country with enough languages ​​and dialects leaving many baffled even native Chinese speakers to the idea of ​​communicating away from home.

But traveling away from big cities is not scary, and it is not unmanageable.

Traveling during the last years of my home base in Shanghai, I took a lot of advice – both from my own experiences and others – that make life on the road in China easy and much more rewarding little more.

Here are 20 of them to get you started.

china tourist

Score extra beds the easy way

Chinese hotels are not too picky when it comes to match the number of beds for the number of people, especially when additional members are children.

For families, this can save a lot of money. Rather than having two bedrooms, a family of four can get in a comfortable double room, where two beds are the same size as a normal double bed.
Follow the appropriate protocol currency

Do not insult a taxi driver in Shanghai overloaded with small cuts, such as 1 or 5 ratings yuan jiao. He likes the clink of coins.

Conversely, in the north and west of China, expect sellers market simply reject parts.

They like paper money, no matter how small the denomination.

3. Use the best application language for travelers

Pleco is the best application of the Chinese language for travelers.

The dictionary of the basic application is free. It costs U.S. $ 14.95 to buy based optical character recognition (compatible with the camera of the iPhone 4 or 5). Point the iPhone a Chinese menu and get an instant translation.

4. Personalize your gifts

Have beautiful handmade objects and order – a neon sign your name, a pair of riding boots, a set of sheets, wardrobe oak silk duvet or cashmere coat.

China is the land of opportunities. If you can dream it, anyone can do it.

The Neon-plasma Tech company Shandong Juancheng make custom neon in a week and will be available everywhere.

Use the best guides for Offbeat China

China Little T (r) ips is a series of guides for those who want to leave the well worn tourist trail in China, but do not have the inside knowledge or language skills to do so.

These guides Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Sichuan and Qinghai soon contain detailed itineraries, maps and specific language maps for each stage of the journey.

Rice control the right way

Rice is often served during a meal in Chinese restaurants, be seen as a cheap way to fill in the end if necessary.

Anyone wanting a meal with rice must specify the server saying mifan (rice) mashang (immediately).

Toilet paper reminder 7.

Toilet paper is rarely found in public toilets in China. Bring your own supplies.

8. Dodging lunches difficult

Outside major cities and branded hotels internationally, the Chinese hotel breakfasts cater exclusively to the local market.

This is not a problem for anyone who loves congee and pickles, but can be an unimaginable obstacle for kids or picky eaters. Bring a box of their favorite cereal and some small milk cartons and everyone starts the happy day.

Most hotels do not mind.

MORE: Hundreds of flights were canceled at airports in China, more to come

. 9 Do not worry – it’s safe

China is nearly as terrifying as many guides would have you believe.

Yes, traffic is chaotic and air could be better – much better – but China is one of the safest countries in the world for female travelers, single travelers and families.

Give 10 -. And get – instant gratification

Those traveling in rural China often want to give a small gift to the locals they meet, but are unsure of what might be considered appropriate.

A portrait delivered instantly on a Polaroid camera is a popular gift on the ground.

Fujifilm Instax Mini 7 Polaroid sells for about 400 RMB (U.S. $ 62) major electronics retailers.

Trespass with confidence

Accustomed to the idea of private property, international travelers are often reluctant to move away from worn in ways and hutongs fear of intrusion paths.

But this is not how the Chinese see things.

All these outdoor spaces are public spaces, streets and ways and hold some of the most exciting in the big cities of China scenes.

12. Do not be fooled by loud voices

The Chinese love to talk loudly and with passion sometimes and it can be easy to confuse this for an argument.

Participation in a lively Shanghai between a taxi driver and a Chinese friend discussion, I thought they were about to come to blows.

“No,” they said. “We talked together about the devastating effects of the earthquake in Sichuan was.”

13. Need help? Find a schoolboy

The range of dialects and variants across China Mandarin can make communication difficult, even for native speakers Mandarin.

But help is always at hand: the age of 25 are more likely to speak standard Mandarin and English.

Students who have studied English in the books for years, but have had little contact with native English speakers can more easily understand the written questions.

14. Establish a connection hometown

Learn the names of the most famous country for radiating instant recognition of taxi drivers, waiters and the man in the street.

Tip: Eiffel Tower is “My fei’er your tie,” Statue of Liberty “xiang zi shen you NU” and the Great Barrier Reef is “da bao jiao.”

15. Proposes breakfast alley

To get a bit of local color on business trips that would otherwise be spent inside taxis and meeting rooms, “take the streets behind the hotel for an early breakfast pellets or noodles and watch area awakening while you eat “suggests Australian business traveler Matthew Tobin.


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