Why Chinese tourists like to buy Japanese Technologic products

Diplomatic relations between the two largest Asian economies remain strained, but the cheap prices are causing savvy Chinese buyers in Japan with many unexpected to purchase: electronic toilet seats that heat, wash, dry and disinfect.

Japan interesting destination for tourists ?

The yen weakened by almost 40 percent against the Chinese yuan in the past two years, making it cheaper for mainland tourists to shop in Japan, analysts said.

Indeed Chinese tourists visit in bulk and spend a lot of time: The number of mainland tourist arrivals to Japan almost doubled year on year to 2.4 million in 2014, while their average expenditure increased by 10.4 percent to 231.753 yen ($ 1,935), according to government data.

Why They choose Japan?

A major reason the Chinese choose to go in Japan is “rise affordability given the decline of the yen,” said Nomura analyst Katherine Chan Chinese consumers in a note published Tuesday.

idée de titre

Tourists often marvel at multifunctional electronic toilet seats in Japan, but so far few took them home.
Over the last holiday of Chinese New Year electronic toilet seats were the third most popular item among Chinese buyers in Japan, even outperforming rice cookers, according to a survey by the display of social media by large Japanese firm to Link Hotto data analysis.

Toilet Trends

“The heated toilet seats are among our best selling items at Chinese customers – we set up display areas dedicated for them in our larger stores in Tokyo,” said Yasuaki Beppu, a spokesman Bic Camera, one of the largest chains of Japanese electronics stores.

“We have selected a range of easy to install models specifically for Chinese customers duty free”, expert say

Many retailers emphasize models that do not require plumbing and should be connected to the water tanks.

Interesting Tweets of the week

Lower prices are the main attraction for Chinese tourists. For example, the SCS-T160 model Toshiba wash retails for around $ 441 in China ,, compared to $ 117 in Japan, according to a report from February 26, Chinese State English newspaper Global Times. In Japan, prices range from ¥ 10,000 ($ 84) to 70,000 yen ($ 585), according to Beppu Bic Camera. Chinese buyers generally opt for models in the range 30000 yen, he said. “[E Toilets] are not cheap, but they are able to prevent germs from building up and having to wash and instant heating functions,” said Sina Finance columnist Wu Shaobo in his article January 26. The seats can be installed on all types of toilets


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