Tea fields , my favorite tourism place in China

Tourism of the tea fields in China

How not to dream on the face of this trip program in China around the tea. I envy those who will take off this year April 21 to land in Shanghai and be guided by Pascal Delot and Shi Hong Tea on Roads in the provinces of Zhejiang, Anhui, Jianxi … To participate , follow the leader …

Fantastic memory

The memory of this trip that I was involved last year (my post here) makes me want to do my pack and join this buyer Tea (Pascal Delot) and Shi Hong, performer and organizer outstanding for this trip around the tea .

tea fields

A round trip Paris-Shanghai between April 21 and May 7, 2012, and in between, a daydream for tea lovers, novice and enlightened, for travelers or just the curious. Hangzhou, Anji Tunxi Long Jing, Yixing (famous for its clay Yixing teapots), Jing Zhen Kai Hua … These teas sites. You will participate in harvesting and manufacturing teas (read my first posts here (wild tea Anji) and there (Green Tea Manufacture). You will experience unique moments in villages, temples and in small farmers you welcome with open arms.

How not to say too much … I can only invite you to share those 15 days scenic in the realm of tea with two guides that I can qu’encenser. Pascal, French agronomist, lovers of China for over 20 years and China teas buyers for 7 years and other Long Jing tea houses that I love (Neo T to name it and because Valerie , hostess, who told me about this trip as we sipped a cup of tea) and Shi Hong is not stingy with explanations, anecdotes surrounding tea. Their organization is both precise and light. They welcome you and make you travel as if you were part of their family. I have not ceased to exchange with them since my return and I sincerely want to share this adventure (especially since it is not easy to find a trip dedicated to tea at this price there!)

To register: Send me a clear email [at] mademoiselle-the.fr (I will pass). Some of you have contacted me to go, the places will go fast …

Here is the information transmitted by Pascal Delot (below). I for my part, answer your questions about the preparations for the trip (passport, visa, what to put in the bags! …)

see user on trip advisor 


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