-80% of Chinese tourist in Hong Kong due to the anti-mainland sentiment

The number of groups of tourists visiting Hong Kong Chinese mainland has plunged about 80 percent in early March that the anti-mainland sentiment rising and a series of events deterred people from crossing the border.

-80% of Chinese tourist in Hong Kong due to the anti-mainland sentiment

Tensions have increased in recent weeks, with some people accusing the visitors of foreclosure continent transport and buy everything from infant milk formula to the layers.

The demonstrators confronted the visitors in shopping centers near the border, complaining that they drive up prices, blocking roads and generally be a “nuisance.”

“We used to treat 400 to 500 hits a day, but now it’s only 100,” said the chariman of Hong Kong Inbound Travel Association. via

The slowdown began in late February

Over 40 million mainland visited Hong Kong last year, far exceeding the local population of 7.2 million. They flow across the border daily to shop, eat and visit, although many have been harassed in recent weeks.

Hong Kong protesters shouted mainland tourists to go home, sparking clashes that have forced the police to use pepper spray and some shops close.

It is a dramatic drop of the sales in Fashion & luxury according to this fashion China linkedin company

Visitors from mainland China have expressed shock

Visitors from mainland China have expressed shock, say the Hong Kong people are rude and have pledged to take their money elsewhere.

Some big spending tourists also avoid protests occupy the next town center last year. The city government and powerful tycoons have warned against a repeat of the protests, saying they could harm the economic stability of the city source


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