Chinese outbound tourism and the new power of China

Over the past 10 years, the Chinese outbound tourism has exploded from just 30 million in 2004 to an impressive 100 million per year.

Chinese outbound Tourism Figures

Its number of Chinese tourists is not the only thing that has improved considerably. Another worth talking about is certainly its relations with other countries.
Today we’ll catch a glimpse of how the two are interrelated and how they put China in a positive cycle that will keep spinning faster and faster in the next decade.
First, to fully understand how things were, how they are and how they will take a look at the Chinese tourists themselves
As you can see, 41% of Chinese tourists actually earn between 8,000 to 10,000 while the average salary in the first tiers cities like Shanghai for the Chinese is about 5000 (China Labour) .

Chinese tourists are rich

This also reveals that 88% of Chinese outbound tourists to earn more than the average wage in China Tiers first cities like Shanghai. Chinese tourists abroad are therefore mainly rich people

Outbound Chinese tourists are wealthy Chinese who have achieved a standard of living enabling them to be concerned about higher motives than just survive, they seek new experiences, better life. In addition, Chinese tourists are young and successful Chinese who want to discover more about the outside of China. They have the financial means to do so.
What’s even more interesting is that in doing so, they create ripples that affect many things at once:
As mentioned above, there are 100 million Chinese tourists abroad, going almost anywhere in the world. It starts to become a well known fact that their most favorite activity is indeed shopping when they travel. This is where it gets even more interesting:
When a country has 100 million people’s favorite pastime which is actually spending money, which is a very important leverage in the international community. Hopefully here we are talking about a revelation that forces everyone to look at how to make the world a better place by improving countries to countries relations.
The money spent means investment means a great deal for the beneficiaries of these investments Now the problem is that most of the time, the main factors stop Chinese tourists to choose a country are
The language barrier
Visa regulations
Mandarin Chinese tourists like to have translated documentation and staff speak Mandarin to their service on their vacation site. They also like to know that a place is safe and has been confirmed by others.
So to attract Chinese tourists countries have to do something about these problems. Here’s what they mean technical:

Sri Lanka Tourism

Chinese tourist

Arrivals from China over the past year increased from 81.5 percent in March this year with the arrival of 13,975 visitors. Cumulatively, 53,135 Chinese tourists arrived in the first quarter of this year registering a growth of 84.5%.

The Deputy Head of Mission Re said he likes the aggressive strategy, but targeted the Sri Lanka Tourism in China.

“It is well thought out and also responsible for the delivery of results, you have already access to five key markets and now that you focus on testing a market development program for the province Shuan-Shi commendable given the accessibility for direct air travel between Chengdu and Colombo, “he commented.

Sri Lanka is 200,000 tourists from China this year making it the number two market for tourism Sri Lanka beat the traditional market in the UK for the history of Sri Lanka, said President Athukorala. source