China, the new country of Digital startups

Platforms such as text and mobile voice messaging service Tencent WeChat represent the next land of opportunity for communication and marketing, according to vice president of Procter & Gamble global communications Kelly Vanasse. source


Tencent was speaking at a panel discussion this week at the Cannes Festival of Creativity, organized by PRWeek and BlueFocus.

“We were the first company to be invited to CPG advertising WeChat” said the CEO. “We reached the three-minute engagement rate with one of our beauty brands and has become one of the top three most popular items on [Chinese microblogging site Twitter-style] Sina Weibo. ”

The panelists noted that the beauty of the Chinese digital market is that it is more of an end-to-end environment where social media interactions often end in e-commerce transactions, making the activity measurable and effective.

Not only in tourism

“If I like what I see, I can go and buy,” says the founder, noting that creativity is always a key element of marketing in the Chinese environmental booming social media. “He did not matter what the platform is so you do not have a good idea at the right time ”

Giant companies invest in Social Media and Digital in China

Dell’s general manager of global communications, Jennifer Davis, said China is the second largest market for the computer company after the United States. It has a “huge” the presence of consumers and 80% of global companies operating in China run on Dell International TechCenters.

Red Step Marketing has been active in the Chinese manufacturing sector since it was created in 2012.

Western companies also invest in ne Digital Strategies

The company is responsible for the Western marketing for Chinese customers, giving them a way to show otherwise difficult to access areas.

“Idea is the key factor of success on Social Media for tourism or other field” explain the Business director of this Agency in Shanghai 

Philip Qian

Lenovo PC brand is number one in China, a country that contains a quarter of Internet users worldwide. Davis Vanasse echo saying that there are “tons of innovation from China, but that [success] is still all about the idea.”

Annabel Lin, head of global agencies and accounts Google China, which has been in the area for 10 years, noted that his company has an office next to the University of Beijing, because he wants to have the best talent and competition for talent is fierce.

At a high level Red Step provides brand services, e-commerce and digital marketing for Chinese manufacturers…


The Branding in China is so different

The marketing and branding in Chinese style is very different from what is expected in their Western target markets, so help us ensure a presence of more appropriate market for them. At the same time, we also provide outbound B2B marketing, service customer in the UK and social media like Facebook and Twitter are blocked in China. ”

The company has customers in major cities such as Hangzhou and Yiwu, but the partnership with the listed company several billion pounds NetSun has the potential to take the company to another level.


“This partnership is another step forward for us as NetSun is one of the leading Chinese companies in its field,” said Mr. Allen. “It will provide access to a multitude of suppliers in a number of product areas, all of which can benefit from e-commerce solutions modular enterprise-based Red Step.

“Furthermore, it reinforces a high-profile presence for step-Rouge in Zhejiang province, where the importance of partnership has already resulted in excellent coverage in the local press and media. We expect to be long-term partnership with the potential for a hub based in the United Kingdom in the futuremore information here